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  • Summary: Help a pink-clad office lady find a missing document so the boss doesn't get angry in this free spin-off minigame to Kero Blaster.
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  1. Nov 15, 2015
    Trying to find a pixelated platformer, but don't want to spend your money. Look no further than Pink Hour. The story starts with a smallTrying to find a pixelated platformer, but don't want to spend your money. Look no further than Pink Hour. The story starts with a small cutscene where the pinkish character loses an important document, which will make the president mad if he finds out, which starts the quest of finding the lost document. The adventure takes place somewhere underground, which is weird considering you would think the document would be lost in the office or somewhere outside, but hey plot is plot. The player will have to travel through platforms, dodge enemies and obstacles, and swim through water. To defeat enemies and other dangerous hazards, you have the power to shoot left, right, and up, which comes pretty handy what comes your way. You can also find 1-ups and hearts scattered throughout the stage, just in case the road starts getting hard. The graphics seen throughout the game look very colorful and creative, which remind us of the old times on the NES. The storyline has a nice touch, and the music sounds great. But sadly, many games have their flaws. The game is only 1 stage and will only take you 5 minutes to beat, which is disappointing considering the good path it was going. I guess that's why free games have to be short :P. If the player does get the lost document and doesn't get hit until the end of the stage, you get to see the credits and will unlock hard mode, which adds many hard elements than the normal mode. But speaking of the document, the game has a couple of endings which gives the player a little bit of freedom to choose their path. Like before, the player will get the good ending if they get the lost document and doesn't get hit by anything. But if you don't get the document or even if you do get it but get hit by a enemy or hazard, you will get the normal ending which of course isn't as exciting as the good ending. Falling into a bottomless pit with the document won't change the ending, as when you respawn, you will still have the document with you. In conclusion, Pink Hour is a charming game with a very nice story, beautiful graphics, and a nice soundtrack, but does lack the length many players of the game want. It does have some extra features, but not enough to satisfy players for a long time. The game is also followed up with Kero Blaster and Pink Heaven, which will be covered another time ;). Expand