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  • Summary: Struggle for survival. Death before surrender! Experience the dramatic story and epic, action-packed battles of the Sanada clan during Japan's Warring States period.
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  1. 80
    Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada is superb and easily drags you into the gameplay, with the ability to train multiple characters and play as them, along with the replayability of the stages. Spirit of Sanada comes highly recommended to fans of the Dynasty Warriors series, or fans of hack-and-slashers, RPGs, or strategy titles, especially ones with a historical theme.
  2. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Jul 5, 2017
    New approach to Sengoku period, intense focus on a single popular clan and interesting battles – Spirit of Sanada is definitely worth a look, although it has the same problem as the rest of the series: from certain angles character models may look alright, but everything else is just plainly dated. [Issue#221, p.86]
  3. May 30, 2017
    Although I do understand it isn’t the place for this game to depict reality because of the main purpose of the genre and series, this just saddened me that the Japanese developers don’t really want to share their stories outside of the usual pop culture aesthetic. I truly hope that we will one day receive a historically-accurate game based on Japanese history, instead of another mindless rendition of what they’ve done for the last ten years.
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  1. Jan 9, 2022
    on steam
    My scores for this game
    Story : 10/10 The story of the game was very beautiful and it started from Yokimura's father to Yokimura's
    on steam
    My scores for this game
    Story : 10/10
    The story of the game was very beautiful and it started from Yokimura's father to Yokimura's adulthood and the cinematics of the story were beautiful.
    Graphics : 8/10
    Game graphics, the graphics of a game in 2018 were not weak, I noticed a little.
    Musics : 10/10
    The game songs are very good.
    Details : 10/10
    The game had many details: fishing, farming, worship, almost open world and ... .
    Game play : 9/10
    I did not have new gameplay compared to previous series, but we could build or upgrade new weapons.
    Variety : 10/10
    There was a lot of variety. One of the varieties I can name is the growth of Yokimura and the growth of the city over time.
    Characterization : 10/10
    Being the characters of previous samurai and seeing new characters, it was good. I enjoyed seeing these characters
    Optimization : 4/10
    The game was not optimized at all. I gave the game in 20 frames. Sometimes the frame went up.
    Bugs : Stuck the horses after finishing the stage،
    Note : 30fps lock ;/
    Overall score : 6.8/10

    Recommended for people interested in the Hess samurai warrior series.