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  • Summary: Spelunky is a unique platformer with randomized levels that offer a new and challenging experience each time you play.


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14th Annual Independent Games Festival winner for Excellence in Design - Spelunky
Score distribution:
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  1. Aug 8, 2013
    I think I could play Spelunky forever, and now that it has come home to PC, assuring its permanence, I believe I will.
  2. Sep 9, 2013
    Straightforward and replayable, Spelunky is precision engineered to make death fair, funny, and a story worth sharing.
  3. Oct 23, 2014
    Excellent randomly generated level design and very high difficulty. There is no doubt that Spelunky is one of the greatest 2D roguelike platforms ever created.
  4. Aug 8, 2013
    This is a superb 2D platformer that’s as easy to hate as it is to love, and your patience for punishment will be the determining factor. Players who live to overcome abusive challenges and obsess over discovering new things will hunger for Spelunky's deeply rewarding exploration.
  5. Aug 7, 2013
    Pick up Spelunky if you’re a fan of actiony roguelike games, supremely challenging platformers, or if you’re simply a gaming masochist who finds themselves griping about how too damn easy games are nowadays.
  6. Aug 14, 2013
    As Spelunky makes it way to the PC, the rewards and dangers are just as alluring as they were one year ago.
  7. Sep 19, 2013
    A few years ago, Spelunky was a unique phenomenon. Now, when its ideas have been adopted and improved upon by Super House of the Dead Ninjas, Binding of Isaac, and Rogue Legacy, this remake is simply first among equals.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 62 out of 99
  2. Negative: 27 out of 99
  1. Dec 4, 2017
    Гениальная игра, по-другому и не скажешь. Словно делалась гением - в ней все вроде бы идеально просто с первых минут, однако в то же самоеГениальная игра, по-другому и не скажешь. Словно делалась гением - в ней все вроде бы идеально просто с первых минут, однако в то же самое время очень сложно пройти ее быстро, до конца, без единого сохранения. Собственно в этом и цель игры. Просто стоить пробовать и самое главное не бросать сразу, если не понравится в первые несколько часов. Потому что именно так было у меня, когда я начал и поиграл пару дней, забросил даже на месяц где-то, а потом вновь вернулся и еще играл несколько раз и стало все интересней и интересней. Потом еще больший энтузиазм настигает, когда узнаешь столько нового, когда, казалось бы, ты уже все знаешь.

    Играл давненько ее уже. Конечно, после стольких часов игры + на пиратке еще наиграно было около 100 часов, она может надоесть. Однако есть индивиды, которые в ней 1000+ часов имеют. Сам лично вдохновлялся известными по этой игре стримерами на Twitch (Pibonacci, Kinijup, LateDog, dtea и krille71). Очень советую сперва смотреть стримы Pibonacci (возможно он уже не играет в нее щас, в чем я почти 100% уверен, однако парень поставил много рекордов в этой игре в спидранах). Не советую только смотреть сразу стримеров. Играйте сперва вслепую. Порекомендую в нее играть часов 30-40 хотя бы, вообще никуда не заглядывая (ни на youtube, твич, различные вики и т.п.). Спустя три года до сих пор ее считаю лучшим платформером за всё время существования. Ну и небольшая заметка для тех, кто наиграл или наиграет в нее сотню часов и более - загляните обязательно на оф. сайт рекордов по этой игре со ссылками на эти рекорды с видео - mosstierТОЧКАcom. Там когда-то был и я, а может и сейчас есть, единственный участник из стран СНГ, кто запостил туда свой никчемный рекорд на 50+ место)))).

    И да, когда вы увидите на этом сайте рекорды, когда какие-то сверхразумы проходят эту игру всякими способами просто с бешеной скоростью в кратчайшее время, у вас наверное мозг взорвется или челюсть отпадет в восторге и оху*нии от увиденного)) Удачи!
  2. Mar 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Spelunky

    A very difficult platformer with roguelike elements, based on "La Mulana" and "Net-Hack", this game provides procedurally (random) generated set of levels each time a new "adventure" is started, and permanent death (no checkpoints between levels, means that the player starts from 0 each adventure). The lack of forgiveness, the amount of dangers, the replay value and the (very) steep learning curve, make this game the go-to choice for any fan of platform games.

    From the beginning of the game the player is presented with a tutorial that explains the few, yet deep, mechanics of the game. The player is given a set of basic abilities like Jumping, Running, Whipping, Throwing/placing Bombs (because ALL THE LEVELS ARE FULLY DESTRUCTIBLE) and Ropes, and Crawling. All of these abilities have basic purposes in the survival of the player, and most of them can be modified with the help of other items throughout the whole game. Some dangers are shown to the player as well, which can be very varied, although initially only bats and snakes are introduced (shop keepers are shown as well, but most players choose to ignore them). Other dangers like traps (triggered by Indiana Jones-like idols)
    and spikes that sit there waiting for the player to fall into them. It is worth noticing that even though the player is given a certain amount of health and some particular ways of recovering it (tedious ones), some enemies and traps can easily one-shot the player into oblivion.

    When the player embarks on a real adventure, he/she will have to survive through 16 different levels to be able to finish the game, although there is an extension of 4 secret levels more that has to be achieved through the game’s hardest means. In total, there are at least 20 “normal” levels, other 5 (very) secret ones that are well hidden, and 7+ “level feelings” that are well scattered that make every single adventure unique.

    The levels are set in 4 floors per level and 4 levels per set of levels, and each set of levels has its own theme; there are the mines, the jungle, the ice caves and the temple initially. Each level starts at the top floor, where the player is put to the task of surviving the descent to the bottom of the level, and arriving to the exit ALIVE. The starting health of the overall adventure is 4 hp (health points), and the damage done by “small” enemies is 1, arrow traps and giant spiders hit for 2 hp, being crushed by a block/enemy or falling into a spike trap = instant death, falling into lava = instant death, exploding a bomb too close to you is 5 hp less. Let’s just say that it is easier to die than it is to live, since the main source of recovering health, is to bring the “damsel” located… somewhere in the level to the exit, going to the exit, and then transition to this next level, the player will be granted 1+ health. It is worth saying as well that there is ONLY 1 damsel per level, and that damsel will give ONLY 1 health to the player.
    “Yet another stupid death” (YASD) is a very common phrase that can be heard between players to explain how the run went.
    Despite survival being the main topic throughout the levels, on level 16, there is one of the only boss fights in the game, where the player is not tasked only by surviving, but by killing/defeating one of the only obstacles left in the game; OLMEC, a giant head (made of gold) that jumps towards the player in attempts to crush him/her to the death. It can only be defeated by making him fall into the lava that lies 12-16 layers of blocks under, and can only be achieved by bombing your way down, or making him crush (by tethering him) layer after layer of blocks to the bottom of the pit… AND… Making it to the exit alive.

    If the player wants a bigger challenge (like surviving is not enough of a challenge), collecting treasure like gold and gems is the only way of building your way up the leaderboards. There is treasure (lots) in each of the levels, but if you take too much time in a level (more than 2 minutes and 30 seconds) a ghost will appear, and will slowly approach the player. It is safe to say that if she (yes, SHE) touches you, you will die instantly.

    With this much variety and level of difficulty, Spelunky is a game that has to be experienced first, then learn, and if you are lucky enough, master it at the end (although even the best “Spelunkers” out there can end up dying on the first level). Only 2.3% of the 20,000+ players that have bought the game have been able to beat the game “The Hard Way”. It is a challenge indeed.

    Do not let the colorful cartoony images or the very calm and adventurous soundtrack that plays lie to you. Spelunky is a very difficult and FUN game that everyone should be picking up right now, because it deserves the attention and hate and love that the community gives it.

    Spelunky is hard, but fair; frustrating, but rewarding; hated, but extremely fun; limiting, but free; full of secrets, but all in plain sight.
  3. Jul 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Spelunky is a game that requires an innumerable amount of skill. The challenges are nearly impossible to achieve, and require an immense amount of time to achieve. Needless to say these challenges will give you that great feeling of achievement afterward. The levels are randomized well, so the experience is rarely the same. There will be times that you get to skip levels, and times you will be challenged. There are many different items, an interesting shop (which u can even steal from), and multiple ways to beat the game. Overall this is a great, simple, challenging game that I'd recommend to anyone looking for a cheap and fun time. Expand
  4. Jan 9, 2015
    I was all-kinds-of lost in this game. It threw me by surprise, how much engaging, fun and adventurous such simple looking game can be. ButI was all-kinds-of lost in this game. It threw me by surprise, how much engaging, fun and adventurous such simple looking game can be. But while it is simple for the gamer, I bet underneath, there is a ton of complicated logic and many hours of polish to reach this wonderful result... I am not sure what else to say, but there is certainly no point of describing it (it is random-generated map game, jump and running exploration).

    Anyway, the game is so addictive, that you start playing, and playing and then playing some more... Then you play one last game, and one more after that and this goes for a while. It is a really hard game to put down.
    Oh, and one more thing - this is a hard game, it's about fast reflexes and thought out actions - it's all about getting better and better within it's premise. I never felt frustrated though, it is challenging but never unfair. How can it be unfair, when you are in the control of your every move?
  5. Apr 17, 2019
    I'm a big fan of the once-again popular "brutal difficulty" genre of games, and I have to say I honestly don't think Spelunky is that hard. ItI'm a big fan of the once-again popular "brutal difficulty" genre of games, and I have to say I honestly don't think Spelunky is that hard. It is frustrating at times, as you'll die frequently and often to things that feel like unavoidable obstacles, but that's part of the fun. I actually found it to be easier than games like Super Meat Boy, but I did have a lot of fun with it. It probably took me about 2 hours to unlock the tunnel to each world, but I understand if the game is too hard for some that it may feel impossible to progress and therefore unfun.

    I really enjoy playing this game, and I think it has a ton of hours of content in it.
  6. Oct 27, 2018
    Not as good as people make it out to be. If you want to play a game, that is the definition of insanity (as told by Vaas) then of you go. INot as good as people make it out to be. If you want to play a game, that is the definition of insanity (as told by Vaas) then of you go. I have better things to do than this... and better games to play. Pickens condemns! Expand
  7. Dec 30, 2018
    i hate this game from inside. i have 150 hours long and there is no way to progress.

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