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  • Summary: Ever miss being a child, playing games at your grandma's or in your old bedroom? Look no further! Play The Adventures of Elena Temple, the classic you never knew existed, on old machines that kind of sort of maybe existed. It's not like you can remember for sure, right?
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  1. Sep 25, 2019
    "The Adventures of Elena Temple"
    Developer: GrimTalin
    Publisher: Grimtalin Reviewed by: Carless Yen The Adventures of Elena Temple is a
    "The Adventures of Elena Temple"
    Developer: GrimTalin
    Publisher: Grimtalin
    Reviewed by: Carless Yen

    The Adventures of Elena Temple is a monochromatic puzzle platformer that leads you to believe came from the 80's In my own personal opinion I think it would have been a classic if this were true. I feel it is one of the best modern retro games of this Generation, and think everything about it is nearly perfect. You can choose to play it on 7 different retro consoles. Pomo D'or 4, to Maple and Some Toy and all the way to the NS-Bos PC they all look different , but have the same exact content so you can try them all from the start or even mid game and never break stride. You play as Elena the adventurer and you have to make your way through over 50 different rooms. There are even more on the Xbox version i believe so it's the edition you with out question want. Each room contains coins, Vases, enemies, and traps. The objective is to collect all the Gems and coins and escape the dungeons. You have to have all 8 gems to escape, but not all the coins. Once you see that mini map though and the room completion check mark on it I have a hard time believing you won't go back and find everything. There is even a few hidden items i won't spoil here, but may have helped you find them in the video review.
    There are a ton of really cool enemies like giant bats, scorpions and cool traps and secrets. It will test you, but never really frustrate you. You only have two bullets so some times you have to figure out how to advance using only two shots. I like this aspect. I also like the Achievements that encourage replay. Some are for only killing a certain amount of enemies, or only firing so many shots so your really going to want to replay it. There is also two different choose from. I wish there was a couple more so i'd still be playing this right now. I didn't want to step away from it, but then I completed it. I will be going back for the Achievements though. I can honestly say I was getting kind of addicted to 100% this game , so I had to step away to review it. I got a ton of reviews coming so trying to knock them out, but I know I'll be returning to Elena's Adventure. I think you would as well. It's a perfect game for speed running. and hope a lot of people add this to their runs. It shows how long you played, how many enemies killed, how many coins, and gems you've collected so its perfect for that genre. There is also a ton of ways to make your way around the map, so could see it being very interesting to watch people's different runs.
    Is this for you? I think if you love retro games or speed running this is a must own. I can say with ease one of the best modern retro games this year, and probably this Generation. It;s all put together so perfectly to look, sound, and feel like a remake of a classic and like I said earlier if it was around then I feel it would be a classic. So take my word on this as some one who adores retro gaming this is a can't miss.

    Pros: Looks and feels really retro
    Cool idea playing it on different screens
    Addictive journey
    Spot on controls and perfect level design

    Cons: Wish there was more, hopefully soon.there will be

    Overall: 9.5 A can't miss for retro fans. Elena's adventure is a unforgettable perfectly designed modern retro master piece that I'll never forget. I can see Speed runners running this game for years to come.