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  • Summary: Erin Myers is dead. But how did she die? And why did she die? Find out as you step back into her life and uncover her darkest secrets.
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  1. May 7, 2019
    "The Death of Erin Myers"

    Reviewed By: Carless Yen Developer: Viperante Publisher: Viperante Platform: PC The Death of Erin
    "The Death of Erin Myers"

    Reviewed By: Carless Yen

    Developer: Viperante

    Publisher: Viperante

    Platform: PC

    The Death of Erin Myers is a game I really can't say much about because I don't want to spoil the story. The main thing to it is the mystery suspense story so going into a ton of detail would ruin it for you. It is a point and click story about a girl who was a cop, but now she's dead. Your main objective is to relive her story and uncover the mystery of her death. You will have to find hidden objects and use and combine them to solve areas. I'm not sure , but want to say there was about 10 different areas to work. The story is really good, and pulls you in. Reminds me a lot of like the old PC "Police Quest" games. I really enjoy stuff like this, I just some times wish they had more mystery solving like with Sherlock Holmes games. Stuff like that is probably one of my favorite types of genres.

    Something else I love about this game is the design of it. It was made to be played in one sitting. Just a evening of well delivered storytelling and mystery. When games are priced like this, it is acceptable. If I play a few bucks for a game like this, it's what I really expect. Death of Erin Myers really delivers there. Low cost, fun puzzle solving game play, and a mystery I can solve in just a couple hours. If that sounds like something you enjoy also check it out on Steam.

    Really short review i know. I hate when they come out this short, but not a lot you can say without ruining it. I guess I can talk about how it looks. Its still photos though, but they are nicely done. Maybe not Artifex Mundi level type art, but still very nice to look at . The voice acting, is very good as well. Doesn't hurt the story at all. Every one pretty much delivers. As does the sounds and music. A really well developed game, with a decent price point I can't complain.

    Pros: Well written story

    Great price point

    Fun and challenging puzzles

    Good voice acting, music , and sounds

    Cons: Little Short

    Some the art won't blow you away

    Overall: 7.1 If your looking for a game to kill a evening with solving a mystery in one sitting Erin Myers delivers.