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  • Summary: The dark is no place to be alone. After a beautiful show of summer fireworks, two young girls begin to make their way home. However, a mysterious attacker separates them, and both must brave the haunting night filled with unspeakable terrors and survive the darkness.
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  1. Oct 25, 2017
    Yomawari Midnight Shadows
    Creepy and frustrating
    Yomawari Midnight Shadows is an adventure horror game where you play as both yui and haru
    Yomawari Midnight Shadows
    Creepy and frustrating
    Yomawari Midnight Shadows is an adventure horror game where you play as both yui and haru
    the game starts with the 2 girls watching fireworks in the mountains together..
    On your walk home you hear a noise, one of the girls hide while the other investigates the noise…
    Next thing you know the 2 of you are separated and you spend the rest of this 6 hour game trying to find eachother
    Each chapter for the most part starts out with you playing as yui.. shes sort of ends up all over this creepy town that the game takes place in…
    While playing as yui you have to pay attention to your surroundings, the game is then switched over to haru, who you will be playing most of the game as… shes the only girl with a map and based off of the information of your surroindings oyu have to figure out which part of town you need to go to…
    And around this town is of course monsters and jumpscares… monsters that pose a massive threat and will one hit kill you.. you cant fight back.. you have a flash light though this flashlight does nothing to most…
    you can pick up rocks to distract a couple monsters, but again, they do nothing for most…
    Youll mostly be running trying to find your way around these monsters as if one grabs you you lose all progress since your last save…
    You save your game at shrines and phones around the map using coins you find in the world…
    you can also find charms around the world for a nice perk..
    I found coins to be plentiful and they can be exploited… so saving isn’t an issue..
    Finding the shrines however can definitely be an issue as theyre very spaced out…
    Which means guaranteed frustrating moments of trial and error trying to get past to your desired location.. thankfully once you’ve offered a coun to a shrine you can fast travel to that shrine from other shrines….
    The game doesn’t just take place in a town though… youll be in buildings and sewers for example.. and these are the most infurating moments of the game as youre dealing with the puzzle that is this haunted house while youre trying not to get snatched up by annoying enemies and killed by the games cheap traps…
    this game is full of cheap feeling deaths, not only from its traps but from many of its boss encounters…
    As youlld find yourself in impossible to escape situations made more frustrating by tge pixle perfect demanding dodges… I died many what I feel to be undeserved deaths from this game…
    And the checkpoints here are brutal…
    But I loved the atmosphere here…
    The games world is wonderfully crafted and creepy.. the story is well written and intriguing… youll be on your toes at all time dying to see how the story turns out
    Though its full of frustration, Midnight shadows is definitely an adventure game worth checking out
    I give Yomawari Midnight Shadows
    a 7.5/10