Description: In online mode via broadband gameplay, up to 16 players (eight per team) can create their own SEAL character profiles and join the fight to take down hostile forces in 22 different online missions (12 new SOCOM II online missions and ten updated, enhanced SOCOM online missions) with five different mission types including new Escort and Breach missions. Using a SOCOM-compatible headset, enhanced online communication enables team members to more easily communicate either in-game or in the game lobby while viewing the new ?who?s talking? display and use sub-channels for offensive and defensive gameplay strategy. Players can also use a friends? list to easily find their friends online and vie for the top position on the player and clan rankings board.


  • PlayStation 2
Initial Release Date: Nov 4, 2003
  • Zipper Interactive
Publisher: SCEA


Paul Mercier
Cast: SEAL Commander SPECTER
Jason Spisak
Cast: SEAL Operative JESTER
Michael Clarke Duncan
Cast: SEAL Operative WARDOG
Larry Cedar
Cast: SEAL Operative VANDAL
Greg Ellis
Cast: British S.A.S. Operative SABRE
Julian Stone
Cast: British S.A.S. Operative REAVER
Jim Ward
Cast: Russian Spetznaz Operative POLARIS
Quinton Flynn
Cast: Russian Spetznaz Operative BLUDSHOT
Kast Hasa
Cast: Pashko,Castrioti Sesseri,Additional Albania VO
Meti Kusari
Cast: Pius Platz
Isa Jonay
Cast: Foreman Besnik,Additional Albanian VO
Shukri Rexha
Cast: General Rugova
Mikush Lleshdedaj
Cast: Additional Albania VO
Val Morrison
Cast: Additional Albania VO
Fátima Marques
Cast: Quixada Christo,Additional Brazil VO
Marcio Rosario
Cast: Felix The Informant,Bernaldo the Butcher
Marzia Larpin
Cast: Lucimar,Additional Brazil VO
Rackel Urey
Cast: Vidonia The Interrogator,Additional Brazil VO
Renee Raudman
Cast: Feral
Malcolm Groome
Cast: Additional Brazil VO
Samy Langs
Cast: Additional Brazil VO
Jackeline Olivier
Cast: Lianor The Interrogator & RAFB 3,Additional Brazil VO
Mario Roman
Cast: Additional Brazil VO
Edward Shkolnikov
Cast: Additional Brazil VO
Damian Valencia
Cast: Additional Brazil VO
Ghassen Mashini
Cast: General Heydar Mahmood,Additional North Africa VO
Sal Koussa
Cast: President Sihab,Additional North Africa VO
Emily Rose Debinie
Cast: Additional North Africa VO
Said Faraj
Cast: Additional North Africa VO
Kamel Haddad
Cast: Additional North Africa VO
Qaid Al-Nomani
Cast: Additional North Africa VO
Sam Sako
Cast: Additional North Africa VO
Olga Vilner
Cast: Valeska
Phil Proctor
Cast: Arjan Manjani
Elya Baskin
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Endre Hules
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Mark Ivanir
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Igor Korosec
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Roman Varshavsky
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Alex Veadov
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Lisa Pera
Cast: Additional Russia VO
Dee Bradley Baker
Cast: Euro Merc
James Horan
Cast: Euro Merc
Eck Stone
Cast: Thailand VO
Eddie Vee
Cast: Thailand VO
Dave Fouquette
Cast: Frogman Seal Commander
Jordi Caballero
Cast: Italian Soldier
Rick May
Cast: Additional Voices
Seth Luisi
Produced By: producer
Yuji Nakamura
Produced By: associate producer
Torin Rettig
Produced By: producer
Shoji Shiromoto
Produced By: associate producer
Jeff Vargas
Produced By: senior cinematic producer
Nathan Brenholdt
Sound: sound designer
Kyle Rochlin
Sound: foley mixer
Brigitte Burdine
Casting Director
Kris Zimmerman
Casting Director
Russell Phillips
Art Direction
Sal Arditti
Visual Effects: lighter
Nathan Herzog
Visual Effects: 3d artist
Aaron McFarland
Visual Effects: Cinematic Editor/Compositor
Scott McMahon
Visual Effects: cinematics supervisor
Mike Rhone
Visual Effects: character setup
Lucas Graciano
Art Department: visual development artist
Edwin Kinji Ushiro
Art Department: pre-visualization artist
Eli Enigenburg
Animation: animator,cinematics
Percy Sagun
Animation: technical supervisor: motion capture
Hock Wong
Animation: lead cinematic animator
Matthew Consoli
multiplayer test team
Steve Karnes
weapons armorer
Ginny McSwain
additional voice-over director
James D. Mortellaro
additional voice-over director
Travis Steiner
game designer
Jason Tonick
miscellaneous and assorted crew
Kris Zimmerman
voice director
Dori Amarilio
Music Department: composer: additional music,score mixer