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  • Summary: Drive across the globe as the best delivery man in the world. Will you be able to reach the end of each track without dying? In Hero Express, your skills will be put to test against this fun colorful world as you challenge 11 different tracks with as many different crazy vehicles.
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  1. Jul 8, 2019
    Even though Hero Express on Xbox One won’t provide the ultimate test of your gaming skills, sometimes all that is needed in the gaming world is a title that oozes fun. And this is where Fantastico have succeeded, by creating a hugely addictive little title that keeps dragging you back for more.
  2. Jun 28, 2019
    Fun, diverse, and heavy on the replay value, Hero Express is a solid atypical driver that will keep fans of its Trials-like concept entertained for hours on end. Despite some issues with its upgrade system and the occasional flaw in its level design, this is the pinnacle of one-more-go gaming. When all is said and done, you’ll be hard-pressed finding anything quite as engaging as this, for the same massively generous price.
  3. Jul 19, 2019
    Hero Express is not a revolutionary title, but it offers enough entertainment for a reasonable price for almost anyone in any age group.
  4. Jul 31, 2019
    Sure, it’s a simple physics game that doesn’t have much to offer, but it delivers entertainment and the fact that you’re delivering equipment to help save the world is a great addition. It plays out just like an old school Nintendo game, allowing you to choose what level you want to play. Except you never face the boss, but defeat them by completing the course. I know this won’t be for everyone, in fact, it’s going to be quite annoying to some. It’s short but priced extremely fairly for what it offers. I enjoyed it and if you like achievements, the good news is that they’re very easy and straight forward. It’s great to just throw it on or to complete it one sitting. It’s a great little game with limited content and I’m okay with that.
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  1. Jun 27, 2019
    Hero Express was a nice surprise indeed. The presentation for a value priced game follows an Excitebike level of simplicity with a dash of theHero Express was a nice surprise indeed. The presentation for a value priced game follows an Excitebike level of simplicity with a dash of the trials formula shown into a 2D side scrolling stunt racer that allows you to earn money for upgrades as you grind through your journey buying upgrades for your vehicle to get enough upgrades (and skill) to complete the courses at hand. You're awarded for picking up cash on the track along with bonus cash awarded for stunts performed during your run as well. The game is easy enough to understand for all age groups and levels of skill. While still provides enough fun to keep you coming back for more. The presentation is very nice and clean with nice tight controls, and a classic yet clean look, and a price of admission that will definitely please your budget. Along the track you will need to collect gas cans to refuel and other various objects like trash can which you can try to avoid or use a bottle of spray cleaner to clean the screen off if you happen to get the screen trashed. There's a solid variety of obstacles and challenges to tackle and your vehicle really is impacted by the upgrades and how it tackles the obstacles on the track which makes repeating tracks or making errors feel fun rather than cumbersome as you know after that next upgrade your going to be able to tackle what did you in on your last attempt. With the fun for all ages approach, solid presentation, easy to pick up and play style, and the content for your money this is one game I'd say is worthy to add to your Xbox One library. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun with a value priced game. Thumbs up Fantastico Studio! Expand