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  1. Nov 9, 2018
    The best analogue I can come up with for this game is the arcade first-person light-gun shooter, like The House of the Dead or Time Crisis. When taken in that context, Time Carnage makes a lot of sense. It’s playable in small bites, it’s pretty good fun and it offers multiple ways to play. The asking price is just right, and low-risk/high-reward combinations are a winner in my eyes. The complaints I do have should not keep genre fans away from this time-hopping adventure, so leave the DeLorean in the garage and start up your Xbox One instead.
  2. Oct 27, 2018
    The variety of guns is great, but the visuals are not, and the actual gameplay becomes pretty repetitive, pretty fast. Ultimately that is what stops Time Carnage being more than it is.
  3. Sep 12, 2018
    Time Carnage seems much better suited for VR platforms. Though, nevertheless, even with that support in mind, I dare say that the novelty would be almost instantly chased away by the game’s repetitive structure and its sheer lack of evolving gameplay. The game’s arcade mode and challenge mode offers some fleeting fun, but before that, you’ll need to hit the tiresome campaign to unlock needed features.
  4. Oct 24, 2018
    Gameplay is very repetitive, and I’ll be surprised if it’s able to keep your attention for any length of time. The campaign is painful to get through, but luckily you only need to do so once for the unlocks before moving onto Challenge Mode instead. Even so, that won’t last you long unless you want to try and beat your high scores. I wanted to enjoy shooting waves of dinosaurs, but I wasn’t in any way with the weak gunplay, terrible controls and an onset of boredom. Great premise, but no real execution to a simple idea.
  5. Oct 3, 2018
    Maybe it might have been a decent VR game, but on a TV screen Time Carnage is a total failure, with a boring and extremely repetitive gameplay.
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  1. Sep 24, 2018
    The controls feel spot on throughout your time with the game which in turn meant the shooting elements in the game always felt satisfying.The controls feel spot on throughout your time with the game which in turn meant the shooting elements in the game always felt satisfying. There are a decent amount of weapons for you to unlock in the game and the best thing is that each weapon feels completely different from the other. I really enjoyed the tactical elements present in the game because you always get a rewarding feeling when you use the right gun for the right enemy. The presentation side of the game does nothing to hold your attention and both the visuals and sound design are a little on the basic side. If played for long periods you find that the gameplay becomes tedious quite quickly because it lacks in terms of variety. There is not enough variety in the way each enemy behaves and there’s also not enough different enemies for you to face. In terms of content the game doesn’t have a lot for you to get to grips with and it doesn’t do enough to keep drawing you back in. Technically the game suffers with a few issues every now and then. Time Carnage originally started out for VR and you can definitely tell that because it has a few teething problems every now and then. This however isn’t Time Carnage’s biggest problem and instead its main issue is that it gets repetetive very quickly because it suffers with a lack of variety in several areas. This is a shame because at times the game can be quite fun because it’s not just about shooting the wide arrange of weapons that are available to you because it also features a tactical side to it as well. Unfortunately though this isn’t enough to make the game as compelling as it should be and the presentation side of the game plays a big part in this because there just isn’t anything that stands out in both the visuals and sound design. This then means that I can’t give Time Carnage a recommendation really because it just has too many shortcomings that ultimately hold it back and in the process stop the game from reaching its full potential. Expand