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50 results

13. Starship Defense

Jan 18, 2010  •  Rated E
? Description Starship is new Defence game which united the “RTS” and “Shooting” feature We invite you to come into starship’s new wars. Feel out the competitive wars in which you play on the space. ? Scenario The abundant Barukan planet was ruined by crashing into a minor planet in 2009 And few surviving Barukan people began to roam around the space. In 2077, they finally found a blue planet, the Earth, a planet full of resources. They started invading the Earth for survival. ? Objective • Using the 'Starship', a science crystal of Earth, to stop the outer space’s attack ? Tip • The unit from factory will take in good power to our forces • Please reload the weapon in case of urgency. • Upgrade various weapons to fight with strong competitors • The higher the degree of difficulty the more you can enjoy game to interesting. ?????????????????????????? ? User Review •Solid game but with some flaws by manlai - Version 1.1.0 - 2009. 11. 09 The Good: fun, easy to pick up and put down gameplay, and a nice twist on the standard tower defense but giving you weapons to directly attack invaders. The ability to repair and upgrade at the end of each level is also a great feature. Another appealing feature (to me anyway) is that you restart the level when you die instead of ending the game. Your progress is saved at the end of each level so picking up again to place is extremely easy. •Castle Defense without the mindless swiping by lvillalt - Version 1.1.0 - 2009. 11. 02 Not that I don't enjoy a castle defense game, but after awhile it does get a little repetitive to me. This game combines castle defense, with progressive upgrades for both hitpoints and defenses. The gameplay is surprisingly deep, and you have to be smart about your choices, or you can dig yourself into too deep a hole. ?????????????????????????? ? Update • 1.1.0 Update - Oct/22/10 -The new enemy unit – released Dark Assassins -Released stage from 40 to 50 -Released effect of Starship weapon -Released background image.
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