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  • Summary: [Metacritic's 2008 PS3 Game of the Year; Also known as "GTA IV"] What does the American Dream mean today? For Niko Belic, fresh off the boat from Europe. It's the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them an a living nightmare for those who don't. [Rockstar Games] Expand
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  1. Yes, there's still the freedom to cause havoc, and inevitably you do; the difference is that you're no longer impelled to toy with GTA IV's world in quite the same sadistic way - you live in it. [June 2008, p.82]
  2. 100
    Brilliant and absolutely mind-blowing, Grand Theft Auto IV is not only the best game in the series but also a true achievement in game design.
  3. 100
    None of these little flaws take away from Liberty City's breathtaking vistas, incredibly varied scenery, and lived-in look (the PS3 version has the slightest visual edge, plus motion-control support -- but then it's missing Achievements and the eventual downloadable episodes exclusive to the 360 game). The city just feels alive.
  4. 100
    The visuals are spectacular and the in-game music and dialogue manage to suck you in even further.
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV is simply the must have game for all mature gamers with a gaming console. Either on the Xbox 360 or PS3 you will be blown away with the vast impressive world Rockstar games has concocted in the unique-cool style that only Rockstar games can provide.
  6. These co-op modes provide a new thrill and excitement similar to when we played "Battlefield 1942" for the first time.
  7. The nature of the open-ended gameplay still makes for memorable random and not-so-random occurrences you'll repetitiously be reciting to friends, but for the most part it's nothing we haven't seen before.

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  1. Negative: 86 out of 540
  1. Oct 10, 2011
    In my opinion this is a masterpiece of a game and is still running in my ps3 thanks to the multiplayer and great gameplay.This game was one of my reasons why I even bought the ps3. Sure the other GTA:s (like Vice City and San Andreas) had more stuff in them but this is the first gta in this generation, so it makes it like GTA 3, which was the first gta of the previous generation (and loved it too). Cant wait for the next GTA. [HATERS GONNA HATE] Expand
  2. Dec 29, 2012
    Grand Theft Auto 4 is easily the best game I have ever played. The adaption of New York in this game is phenomenal, and the storyline is the most exciting and interesting I have ever experienced. Rockstar did an amazing job on this game, and I don't think it will ever be topped. Expand
  3. Oct 2, 2010
    After playing GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas it was hard to imagine being swept away again by another GTA game but man does this game deliver. The story, the characters, the setting and the game world are so well crafted and put together it's nice to see some developers still take time to prepare their works and not just milk a franchise with yearly releases. Expand
  4. Jul 6, 2013
    The review score for this game is an embarrassment and testament to what is happening to video gaming. The 10's given to this game by "professional" reviewers are clearly not just about the quality of the game. The reviewers have clearly been influenced by other factors. Gaming review scores in general have clearly become favors to the game developers, and this is an example of that taken to extremes.

    Now, having said that, I am not saying this is a bad game. In fact, it is actually a very good game, but to call it perfect or near perfect is absurd. It's also very odd that a lot of "professional" reviewers are indicating that they are scoring the game higher because it is newer and has better graphics, etc. Since when did we start doing this? If this is how we are going to look at games then all of the new games are all better than older games. I guess "Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare" is way better than the original "Alone in the Dark" because it is so much newer and has graphics that are far more advanced. No, that can't be right because "Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare" was almost universally declared a piece of garbage, while "Alone in the Dark" is frequently listed as one of the best games of all time. (It's worth mentioning that the game developer for the newer game threatened reviewers with a lawsuit over their reviews of the game when it came out.)

    Getting back to GTA IV, there are far too many flaws for it to be considered near perfect. This one is obviously subjective to some extent, but the music and radio is very disappointing when compared with previous versions. I'll allow this to not even count since it is so subjective, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I quickly turned off the radio and left it off. I never did that in any of the previous versions. Still, this is one of the great features of the GTA series that makes it standout from other games that do not even have this feature so I won't count this.

    This may also be subjective to some extent, but the story and characters are boring with a capital B. The characters look and sound boring. We went from actors like Ray Liotta as the main character in "GTA: Vice City" to the crap in GTA IV? I'm curious if anyone out there cares about Nikko and his cousin at all. Even the other hoods that give you your jobs are boring. While watching and listening to the video in the game for the first time I wanted to just skip over it. For me, the music, story, and characters alone make this game far less entertaining than all previous versions of the GTA series. This version of GTA is also too serious. I always thought some of the negative things (violence, sex, etc.) said about the GTA series in the media were a bit ridiculous because it was hard to see how anyone could take the games that seriously, but with this version I can see their point a little, (Just a little!) because it's too serious. One last thing, the game seems much less creative in it's content than previous iterations.

    I am not going to go over the good or great facets of this game because that has been done to death. I just wanted to post a review to comment on how overrated the game is, even though it is still an excellent game.
  5. Jun 4, 2013
    GTA 4 6, RockStar
  6. Feb 18, 2012
    Cheesy and boring characters with the same patheitc moral struggles as San Andreas. Mowing down hundreds of pedestrians does not fit with that kind of crap. I need to be mute or a psychopath. Features that got added in every increment since GTA1 have been chopped and you have this barebones gameplay where you can't fly, heavily modify your character, buy properties everywhere etc. etc. Obviously they are setting up the sequels to include these in the hope that it will have the same impact as your first helicopter ride in Vice City. It's an admission that they can't come up with anything new or fresh to add. The cops are way too difficult to shake if you get beyong 3 stars, which is part of the realism but again limits the amount of mass murder you can commit, and makes it more like real life. The cars are not fun to drive, performance is affected too much by crashes and in fact the physics seem less realistic than older games. It feels like tweaking has been done to the handling itself rather than the actual physics to give it an appearance of realism. So do you go for driving simulator or arcade style fun handling? Please pick one and don't half do either style. The music sucks. The story is utterly forgettable, I mean I really didn't care the whole way through. Roman is incredibly annoying, and not funny. Not very much in this game is funny actually. Or fun. Or interesting. Gets 6/10 because it is huge, and better than the alternatives in the same genre. But compared to its predecessors it is way off being a great game. Expand
  7. Oct 29, 2011
    This game is a piece of **** I bet all of the reviewers were paid to give GTA 4 a 10. "Overrated. Annoying characters, clunky gameplay (did the developers ever try driving a real car?!), did I say annoying characters? So glad I got it second hand and cheap--still a waste of money." I AGREE WITH YOU "This game is too repetitive. You go and talk with one man, he want to kill someone. You kill the guy, and ok it's done. The game is always this. Graphics aren't the best, playstation have better graphics to offer. Some crashes around the game made me put this game away, I sold it 5$. Really bad game". ALSO AGREE WITH Horrendously boring. It was fun for like 5 minutes! Just like the rest of the GTA games. The story i found boring and the online is terrible! Worst online expierience ive ever had. Worst 40 quid I have ever spent. Wish I gave this one a pass and just bought MGS4 on its own instead Expand

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