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  • Summary: Meet “Anyone”, a silent character that you should guide and assist through the pages of its diary while facing the darkest events of its past. Will “Anyone” be able to overcome its demons... or will they consumed it?
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  1. Feb 6, 2019
    An interesting VR proposal that convinces on the audiovisual and the narrative way to tell its story, but it suffers technical shortcomings and bugs (we had to restart some chapters a couple of times)... Nothing that cannot be fixed with a patch. It's not a long experience: the end can be reached in an hour (3 more runs to get all the trophies).
  2. 55
    Anyone’s Diary might be worth a look for anyone interested in game development and this game’s particular history. The visuals on display are often impressive. But for the average player, I suspect that the game’s bugs and short length will be deal breakers. When a game is regularly erasing your progress, the best intentions in the world won’t save it.
  3. 50
    Ultimately, this is a game that leaves us feeling conflicted. The controls and, to some degree, the visuals are enjoyable but this gameplay and concept deserves a better, more substantial game. We like short games, especially on PSVR where it can be uncomfortable to stay in the headset for too long, but this is really a twenty minute game with a couple of minor hurdles that may extend your stay a little. Anyone’s Diary is impressive but it’s just not particularly good.