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  • Summary: Earth has been decimated by World War III, and now, humanity must turn to the stars in search of a newhome. Explore the galaxy on your quest, make allies and enemies among the alien races you encounter, and uncover a danger so great that it threatens all of creation.


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Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K And Full HD Remaster Launch Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. 90
    Star Ocean 4 looks incredible on the PlayStation 4, too.
  2. Jan 2, 2018
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope looks and performs great on PlayStation 4. With an incredible story, great graphical options, stunning visuals, this is a game for new and old fans alike.
  3. Dec 5, 2017
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K & Full HD Remaster picks up the decent JRPG developed in 2009 by tri-Ace and refurbishes it with more than positive results.
  4. Dec 11, 2017
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope is an ambitious but flawed game. Exploring planets can be thrilling, but spending time with some of the characters will wear on the nerves. The combat can at times be deep and strategic, but it happens so frequently that the pleasurable aspects of it are often dulled. The graphical remaster looks great, but the presentation of cut scenes and the voice acting are bargain basement, especially compared to something like Persona 5. For those interested in Star Ocean as a franchise, the discount on this remaster could make it worth your while. For people looking for a great JRPG though, 2017 has seen a slew of great current and remastered games to make Star Ocean: The Last Hope essential.
  5. Jan 2, 2018
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope is a massive game with plenty to do and see. While the acting might be very poor and the character models weird and unnerving, the rest of the game is littered with things for the player to do, regardless of if they are adventurous or just want to rush to the end. It terms of good RPGs, this isn't the best, or even the best in the series, but it's still an excellent title that only holds itself back enough to notice. Thankfully, it's not back far enough that you won't care.
  6. Dec 12, 2017
    Star Ocean: The Last Hope straddles the line between highs and lows – it’s both exhilarating and bombastic in equal measure, even though its story never reaches the same euphoria as its predecessor. It makes up for this with a tactical and action-packed combat system, interesting crew management system, tons of content, and a marvellous remaster job that has the game running beautifully on both PS4 and PS4 Pro.
  7. Dec 21, 2017
    This Remaster Star Ocean: The Last Hope should have been a remake. Now the game feels old with just a new look. The fighting is good, but everything else feels old and that's a shame. It just can't compete with the rest of the RPGs of today.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Jan 23, 2018
    This is the best game I've played in more than a year. It's much more than i was expecting and just fall in love with it. I wood have paidThis is the best game I've played in more than a year. It's much more than i was expecting and just fall in love with it. I wood have paid full price knowing what i know now but for 20€ ? It's the best game I've ever bought for that money. If you like RPG games and games like Nino Kuni or White Knight Chronicles this is a must buy.Everything in this game it's to like but the only detail wood be AAA new generation graphics, graphics are descent still. If your looking for an incredible Adventure and a magnificent Story, this is your game besides the combat it's awesome . Expand
  2. Jun 13, 2018
    Star Ocean 4 was in my opinion one of the best rpg games ever made. You had allot of hidden stuff you could explore. Many characters and anStar Ocean 4 was in my opinion one of the best rpg games ever made. You had allot of hidden stuff you could explore. Many characters and an arena. I can't tell how many thousands of hour I've been playing this game but it was allot. The only 3 things I did not like in this game was

    1. Very complicated questing when you've done 1 thing wrong and you failed in a huge amount of other quest, achievements and so on. Without any information it was very hard to not mess something up so you didn't had to start all over.

    2. Some very long dungeons did not have any Savecores where you could save your progress. Very huge dungeons had a very high chance that the game freezes or something else so you've done all the hour of work for nothing. This happened to me billion times.

    3. Sadly Square Enix messed up the Remaster version so you are not able to set the volume, sounds like you would wish to. So playing this game on PS4 while having a party conversation is a pain. The dialogs volume is like 60% and music and the rest is at 100% that's make it hard to understand what the character are actually talking about. So I stick with the 360 version.

    But after all that Square failed with the Remastered Version just because of the volume sadness the game itself is just godlike. Star Ocean games for ever.
  3. Nov 23, 2018
    buen juego, buen jrg, se dedica a la interaccion y conversacion entre personajes, existe accion rpg, un buen trabajo y un juego entretenido
  4. Nov 30, 2017
    This game has a bad rap. And it's undeserved.

    Background: this was originally released on the Xbox 360 as an exclusive. After that
    This game has a bad rap. And it's undeserved.

    Background: this was originally released on the Xbox 360 as an exclusive. After that expired, the International version was released on PS3. The 360's main issue was the disc swapping that was necessary between planets - a throwback to Final Fantasy VII on the PS1. PS3 version fixed that but introduced other issues. Largely though it was the easier overall experience.

    If you never played this game, it is (canon) the fourth Star Ocean game, having nothing to do with the previous except Captain Kenny who has a partial cameo from older games. It's the first Star Ocean to really focus on space exploration and visiting new planets. The remaster (not a remake, mind you), doesn't change the underlying story. It's a great game, but temper your expectations.

    Many of the complaints from people online are people preferring the third Star Ocean: Till The End of Time, because of the battle engine. In my opinion that's all it had going for it; the story was terrible, the graphics laughable, the music forgettable. Also, people complain about Lymle, a childlike character, and Edge's English voice actor. Neither are worth skipping the game over. Lymle's a kid...who acts like a kid. Edge's English VA isn't great, but certainly not the worst (I'm looking at you, Tidus). Turn on Japanese if it bothers you.

    What made this game great was really 4 things:

    - The remaster graphics are EXCELLENT. Everything's much cleaner, easier to see, draw distance, performance, etc. Especially on a PS4 Pro.

    - The music was always good.

    - The Private Actions in this one far surpass any of the other Star Oceans by far. Just Reimi/Meracle/Edge alone will have you cracking up, and Welch is a star by herself, but watching Lymle fail to kick her is awesome. Meracle and Reimi are basically the anti-feminists, especially Meracle, who has absolutely no problem flirting.

    - Planetary exploration is what made Mass Effect 1 better than the rest, and it's on full display here. Some of it is "rails-ish" but in general, it's an absolute treat.

    So why an 8 and not a 10? Well, they didn't address the excessive bloom lighting that's been there since the beginning. It's annoying, because you can't fully enjoy the graphical beauty. Also, they nerfed the effectiveness of some of the characters; used to be that controlling Reimi alone with her special attacks would allow you to breeze through the game; she was significantly overpowered. Now she's still strong but not a tank like she used to be. Why change this? Let the player choose whether to use certain overpowered characters or not if they want their challenge ramped.

    Games like Disgaea, a game severely lacking anime cutscenes, have gotten people to this "I just wanna fight" and "I want obscene difficulty" mentality. If you don't care about story in a game, this game isn't for you, but if you want to feel like you're playing a book, complete with cutscenes (like the GOOD old days), great graphics, and characters, be sure to give this a try. It's well worth the $20 or so. More so than Integrity & Faithlessness BY FAR.
  5. May 23, 2018
    After playing every Star Ocean game available (and loving 90% of them) I can honestly say this one is a bit of a let down. I seriouslyAfter playing every Star Ocean game available (and loving 90% of them) I can honestly say this one is a bit of a let down. I seriously expected more from this series. I wish I could rate it higher then 7 but several things take the score down quite a bit.

    Problem #1 is the english voice acting. Reimi was the only voice actor who didn't make me cringe during dialog. The rest are borderline atrocious, with one character decimating that line altogether. I'm not sure what to make of Lymle. If the voice actor was going for a lobotomized, traumatized child then they're spot on. Seriously, she sounds like she has suffered massive head trauma. Acting lessons are good, kay?

    Problem #2. The special arts of one Edge Maverick (seriously who came up with these names? Cliche much?). Many do less damage per second then just spamming the basic attack. While they do more damage per button press, when you spread that damage over multiple hits and you factor in the time it takes for each skill to finish they do less damage and take more time then pressing the basic attack button 5 times. Not to mention how they leave you more vulnerable during the time it takes to execute that skill. Making them more risk then reward.

    Pros: Beautiful graphics. Although the land could use a bit more foliage the character models and many of the textures are beautifully rendered. The addition of being able to swap between Anime or "Modern" style for the artwork is a definite plus. The ability to swap VO languages and to experience the game with Japanese VO is a definite plus as well. Especially when you take into consideration Lymle's annoying English VO and the poor overall quality of the English VO.

    If you're going to play this game swap it over to Japanese VO. I expected more from this series, I really did.
  6. Dec 21, 2017
    Star Ocean The Last Hope is a very interesting JRPG but requires a great number of hours to complete it 100 %. I just played this game for theStar Ocean The Last Hope is a very interesting JRPG but requires a great number of hours to complete it 100 %. I just played this game for the story and to unlock all the endings. I was not going to gather all the battle trophies, spaceship data, weapon data, monster data, possible items and treasure chests because it takes a lot of time. Also, I did not finish all quests, colosseum challenge, bunny racing, and I did not try to defeat two superboss because it requires a great level (Lv. > 160-200) to defeat them. To complete this game 100 %, you should take more than 200 hours. All this is very interesting but still a little too much.

    I will not talk about the graphics because the graphics was also good on the PS3. I do not judge the game according to the graphics. I will actually talk about story and battle system.

    Story: The story of this game first begins with the exploration of the universe and then is directed towards saving the universe. I like this game beacause the exploration of the universe. In previous games, the story usually takes place on one or two planets, while in this game the story takes place on several planets. Through Private Actions, you learn the individual stories of each character and their interaction, which additionally complements the main story. Generally speaking, the story is very interesting, in some parts it is funny and in some parts it is serious.

    Battle system: The battle system has advanced far enough from the predecessor. The characters no longer die if the MP comes to zero, and new functions such as Blindsiding and Rush Combos contribute to improving the battle system. In this game, also it is much easier to fill out the bonus board than it was in Star Ocean Till the End of Time. All these new functions make the battle system much more interesting, and I think this is the best battle system in Star Ocean games.

    Conclusion: I gave this game 8 out of 10 for the story and battle system, while for minigames and sidequests I give 5 out of 10. My average rating then would be for this game 6.5 out of 10, so I will round the score to 7 out of 10.