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  • Summary: Descend into the Crimson Keep, an ever-changing labyrinth full of monsters, traps, and treasure. Discover the sunken remains of an ancient castle and cleanse it of evil. Uncovering secrets of great power could be your only hope of escape.
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  1. Dec 3, 2018
    Crimson Keep's knock-about brand of roguelike ARPG proves fundamentally flawed, with clumsy combat, repetitive levels, and a clunky core menu system.
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    Let me introduce you to a game quite special. It's a game that is so offensive to the senses, and so utterly clumsily programmed, that it is genuinely unplayable. "Unplayable" in the literal sense that "I sure as hell couldn't finish it and I would be genuinely surprised if anyone actually could." Let me introduce you to Crimson Keep.
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  1. Dec 31, 2018
    Crimson Keep is a first person dungeon crawler rogue like, which means each life you start over from scratch. Progressing through the game,Crimson Keep is a first person dungeon crawler rogue like, which means each life you start over from scratch. Progressing through the game, leveling up, collecting better gear, and learning new abilities. Then when you die, you start over with nothing. Which will happen a lot because Crimson Keep is tough as nails.

    Beginning each run with a choice of three different classes: one an axe wielding berserker, one a ranged attacking witch, and the drifter, a weaponless low health character for an even harder experience. After trying all three I have had the best experience with the beserker, which I used as a starting class for the bulk of my playtime.

    After a brief tutorial, which you have to walk through every time you start the game, a repetitive feature that I wish you would skip after completion. You plummet through a hole in the ground to begin your run.

    The first person combat is absolutely the highlight of Crimson Keep. At first what feels janky, grows on you until you’re carefully dodging ranged and counter attacks trying to land that perfect hit on your enemy. Playing mostly melee, the ranged weapons especially high damage wands are great to save for a difficult loot room that’s crawling with enemies. Shields didn’t really work all that well as you still take a ton of damage when blocking with them and when playing melee you REALLY have to use the reticle to aim. Even if my axe when through a character you may not do damage if the reticle isn’t directly on your enemy. Which is frustrating but you get used to it.

    While exploring the cavernous dungeons, I’ve been stuck in place a number of times, which you can close down the app and restart it, but I’ve lost significant progress upon returning. Unlike getting stuck in infinite loading screens between levels, when restarting the app will not work. Forcing me to restart my run, EVEN THOUGH I played an excellent game so far, coming out with a lot of health and great loot, which is hard to do and even harder to deal with getting robbed for.

    Slaying skeletons and trolls is dangerous, but is a must if you want to walk away with some amazing loot. Which doesn’t always drop, some runs you’ll be swimming in gear while others you’ll be praying for a potion with barely any drops. You can find bruised apples and moldy bread, but when eating anything it’ll show an Apple animation.

    As you level up throughout the game you choose different abilities each level, giving you special attacks and stat boosts. With unlockable new abilities once you achieve certain in game goals, which is Crimson Keep’s only over arching sense of progression beside your own skill growth as the player.

    I’m truly torn because I like this game, I really like this game, the premise is fantastic and the game loop is incredibly addicting. However, the bugs are such a huge deal with this type of title, because of the rogue like nature, that when you lose a great run to a bug it feels awful. If it was an rpg like skyrim where you quick saved then only lost a little bit of progression if it bugs out, it would be a much different story.
  2. Nov 30, 2018
    Simply awful in every way. The voice acting, the graphics, the controls, and anything else you can think of are all just awful.
  3. Nov 29, 2018
    This game costs way too much, is not fun nor good to look at, and is so unfair that you will want to rip your hair out. The game pictures wereThis game costs way too much, is not fun nor good to look at, and is so unfair that you will want to rip your hair out. The game pictures were most likely taken from the best shots of the game, but in reality the game is so different from the shots taken, it feels like something different. The item distribution is helpful, or another useless item, and it feels like getting past the first level is pure luck. Very early into the game I found some models T-Posing and it made me realize that even the game play is incomplete. Expand