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  • Summary: Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open world, action-adventure, role-playing game featuring blockbuster production values, a nonlinear story and revolutionary, first-person melee combat.
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  • Developer: Warhorse Studios
  • Genre(s): Historic, Role-Playing, Action Adventure, General, Action RPG
  • # of players: No Online Multiplayer
  • Cheats: On GameFAQs
  • Rating: M
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Blacksmith's Tale Trailer
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 18
  2. Negative: 2 out of 18
  1. Feb 13, 2018
    Warhorse have developed a game that’s not only massively in-depth, but equally as intriguing and captivating. Their care and attention to detail pulls through in each and every sequence within. This level of realism isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those that want the authentic experience, Deliverance delivers, and then some. It’s engaging, it’s deep, and it’s thoroughly entertaining.
  2. Feb 25, 2018
    Warhorse Studios' RPG amazes for its high realism in recreating every aspect of the Middle Ages: environments, uses, weapons and even fights and character progression. Too bad for its very weak performances and many bugs, but despite this it still remains an advisable game for lovers of RPGs and european Middle Ages tales.
  3. Mar 14, 2018
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance delivers a huge, complex world with a host of things to get involved in. The story is well written, brilliantly acted and expertly executed. I am worried that the buggy nature of the game will put many off and whilst the vast majority of the problems shouldn’t worry anyone too much, it can get a tad annoying.
  4. Mar 26, 2018
    With an expansive story and memorable mechanics, it’s hard not to view Kingdom Come: Deliverance as one of the most interesting RPG releases in years. One where the difficulty is often a barrier to progress and some of the design choices become frustrating experiences in repetition or flat out giving up and moving on to another activity. Or reloading an earlier save to do more sword training. Rough around the edges sure, but the ambition often shines through.
  5. Feb 23, 2018
    Offers up a decent, if predictable, story with interesting characters, beautiful scenery, and ambitious concepts but falls short with numerous glitches, annoying mini-games, and a lack of player immersion.
  6. Feb 28, 2018
    Ultimately, Kingdom Come feels a bit like homework. If the historical setting and focus on realism appeal to you, then the deep gameplay systems and methodical pace are worth learning. If you'd rather be a magic-wielding wizard or the unequivocal hero, on the other hand, the source material will bore you almost instantly.
  7. Feb 21, 2018
    What could have been an intriguing, unique, if somewhat underwhelming RPG is completely crippled by a terrible save system and game-breaking bugs. Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s well-publicized adherence to historical accuracy pays off in its thoughtfully designed landscapes and intriguing combat system, even if its survival-style mechanics fall somewhat flat. It’s just a shame that the more positive qualities are doomed to exist within a game that ended up being unplayable.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 55
  2. Negative: 11 out of 55
  1. Mar 22, 2018
    This game is not for everyone. It truly depends on what type of gameplay you as a gamer enjoy. So far from the people I've met and from theThis game is not for everyone. It truly depends on what type of gameplay you as a gamer enjoy. So far from the people I've met and from the reviews I've read, people either love this game or hate it. Having said that most of the issues people have with the game appear to be extremely minor when compared to it peers, i.e. other RPGS, or extremely exaggerated.

    Saving: No you can not save anytime anywhere you wish without a savior schnapps potion. At first this did appear to be annoying, but at best a nuisance, not a deal breaker. However after playing the game for a bit I discovered that there are plenty of places in the game to save so much so that I haven't purchased or brewed one since the archery competition with Hans. For instance, spend two gold at an Inn. Thirty seconds of picking sage will pay for that. Fast travel to the Millers where you wake up in after the prologue you can save there and store items in the trunk their free of charge whenever you wish. The room where Henry and Lady Stephanie have a glass of wine always stays open and you can sleep there and stow your items in the trunk there as well. These are just an example of a few but their are places all over.

    Lock picking: I'll admit this one extremely frustrated me, so much so that I moved on from it entirely at first. It took alot of grinding and effort to understand the mechanic. Alot of outside game research as well. It has been patched as of two weeks ago and is now way way way easier. But once again it wasn't a deal breaker. Difficult sure, but wasn't impossible and took a good hour of in game time to master. There is definitely a technique to it which is quite complex and takes a bit to learn.

    First move your cursor until it turns yellow.
    Second put the Left joystick at roughly the 11 o clock position
    Third rotate the joystick counter clockwise
    Fourth as it rotates use the right joystick to keep the yellow circle in roughly the same spot.
    Fifth VIBRATION IS KEY the less it vibrates the closer your are to that yellow sweet spot
    Sixth doors out in town will be way easier to pick. Practice on very easy doors until you get your first perk doubling the effectiveness of your picks

    Combat: you have to practice. If you're expecting to take down three armed bandits at once in the start of the game, you're gonna get your buns handed to you. It's not Skyrim. Some people find this realistic aspect annoying, but they forget it's not that type of game. You have to think outside the box especially at the start. Sneak around knock out a bandit steal his gear then slash him while he's unconscious. Poison the camp. Do night raids. Bows are your friends. Eventually four vs one will not be that difficult, but in the start get creative.

    Really I haven't had too many issues in the game and it hasn't been that difficult. Granted I did not buy the game on release so there is a chance I could have already been playing a patched version, however I don't think that's the case.

    The real issue with the game is nothing is really explained that well, you're kind of just thrown into this world and have to learn either from trial and error or outside sources. Nothing is given easily everything is earned. It at times can be grinding and frustrated but that's life, and I think that's what they were going for. Try getting in a fight with four guys in the woods today and see how it goes. Trying picking up a lock and pick and see how well you do.
  2. Feb 16, 2018
    Obra maestra sin precedentes.
    Un juego unico e impresionante, donde su mundo envuelve una historia de venganza impresionante.
    Obra maestra sin precedentes.
    Un juego unico e impresionante, donde su mundo envuelve una historia de venganza impresionante.
    Graficamente luce de escandalo, y su jugabilidad es unia, simulador total de una vida en 1403.
    Los que buscan accion no es su juego. Esto es vivir como tal en el sacro imperio romano.
    Una autentica maravilla, cada detalle es enfermizo. De 10.
  3. Feb 13, 2018
    This game is great. Guys from Warhorse put lots of effort into this game and shows in every single aspect of the game.
  4. Mar 14, 2018
    I've been using metacritic for years and have never felt the need to create an account / review a game. This game changed that because I HADI've been using metacritic for years and have never felt the need to create an account / review a game. This game changed that because I HAD to join my voice to the well deserved praise being given to this game.

    Things the game does perfectly:

    This story is one of the most compelling and interesting I have seen in years. It made me want to finish the main quest as soon as I could because I kept wanting to find out what would happen to Henry and how Sir Radzig, Sir Hanush, and Sir Divish would beat Sigismund. It is utterly historically faithful and I have been wanting somebody to do a game like this for years.

    Each of the main characters, over 40+ hours of gameplay, have perfectly delivered lines. Not a single instance of phoning it in. However, the same unfortunately cannot be said for the generic NPCs.

    It's simply perfect. I always felt I was responsible for my success or failure. I learned as the game went on and it was so incredibly satisfying to get better at fighting and with that learning / increase in strength and agility to be able to use new and more effective weapons.

    World Design
    The world is massive, gorgeous, and relatively full. For an indie game it's beyond impressive. Even if you stray to the edge of the map you'll still come across game to hunt, or a hidden bandit camp, or a random npc with a new quest. It feels at the same time authentic and lively.

    Quest Variety
    Each main quest and side quest has a unique and compelling story to it, which leads to unique and fun scenarios. It's not a typical rpg where ~40% of your quests are fetch quests, ~10% escort missions, etc... Each quest is different, which keeps the game from ever getting boring.

    Probably what people **** about the most, but I think the system is brilliant. It makes you consider your actions before just rushing in head first. Also while Savior Schnapps are expensive to buy, google and youtube are free. Simply grab some belladonna and nettle from the woods, go to an alchemy station, and make your own. It's cheap and you can make as much as you want / save when you want. The game also saves when you get a whore at the baths, and after gaining the Troubadour perk this gives you a free way to save basically whenever you want.

    Things done well.

    Fast travel.
    A really unique system with a cool idea. I personally enjoy watching the character move. I even enjoy the random encounters. However I wish there was some way to lessen / temporarily deactivate them, such as a potion. Sometimes you just want to use the fast travel loading time to take a piss but you have to wait till Henry gets where he's going, otherwise you risk getting ambushed.

    Level Design
    This would be in the perfect category if not for one flawed main quest mission that I will get to. When warhorse said every quest can be finished in whatever way you want to, they meant it. It was enjoyable 99% of the time because it allowed me to progress according to my play style. However there is one big downfall. The mission where you infiltrate the monastery (while such a cool idea) fails in practice because the only way to trigger the progression of the quest is behind a chest with a hard lock. As a brawler who could kill anybody Henry met in the game, with relatively few points in stealth and none in lock picking, my game ground to a halt and I had to load from before I went into the monastery. My choices were spending hours grinding to upgrade my lock picking skill, or glitch into the monastery by falling into the court yard, almost dying, drinking a Lazarus potion, then killing Pious and being imprisoned for murder. I chose this option and had to miss out on a very interesting quest. Warhorse, there is an easy fix to this. If the chest is mandatory to unlock, make it a "very easy" lock.

    Things that could be done better.

    Yes there's a lot of them. Personally none of them were game breaking for me. My game crashed twice over 40+ hours of game play, which is a completely forgivable rate of incidence for an indie game. However the collision detection needs a fair amount of work. The workable solution Warhorse has now is if you sprint you'll simply go through whatever/whoever is blocking Henry (that shouldn't be). But unfortunately that doesn't work as well on horseback. I'm not sure why bushes act like roadblocks instead of easily being trampled across, but the game is only version 1.2.5, Warhorse should prioritize collision detection both on foot and horseback for version 1.3. Additionally, you can often use the glitches to your advantage.

    The ONLY way to reliably get decent gear is to buy it, and Henry earns next to nothing. The game makes you steal / fence, which is fine. BUT PLEASE DO NOT PATCH THE BUGS THAT MAKE STEALING EASY TO DO.

    TL;DR: Please warhorse, this game was so close to perfect. Polish it post release & make DLC/a sequel
  5. Feb 15, 2019
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance I’ve had interest in since I heard of it and I’ve been waiting for. Fortunately it was worth the wait. The story IKingdom Come: Deliverance I’ve had interest in since I heard of it and I’ve been waiting for. Fortunately it was worth the wait. The story I find to be a very important aspect in every game of this nature, an this is doesn't disappoint. The story is very well written and there is historical pieces throughout which keeps things interesting and immersive. The gameplay experience is also a very immersive experience and when each different mechanic combines it is without a doubt a joy to play. What the game has in an abundance is realism. For the most part enjoyed it, but I admit that the realism can be a bit over the top at times and this can harm the "fun factor" at certain times. The realism when it comes to the combat is something I felt was spot on. The combat is adrenaline filled and the excitement of it is present throughout. This makes the game have a unique feel over other game’s in the same genre. In terms of content, the game has plenty to offer you. The best thing is that none of the content is boring because the world feels alive at every turn. The game doesn’t suffer with very many issues and my only real gripe comes down to the technical issues. Every now and then you will notice a few problems and while none of these are major they can be irritating at times. Without a doubt one of my favorite parts about the game is the presentation side of it. Visually the game looks absolutely stunning at times, and the world has definitely had a lot of thought and effort put into it. The soundtrack is also just as well done and the music and voice acting really deliver an immersive experience. Kingdom Come: Deliverance was worth the wait. All important aspects that make a successful RPG are present, and this creates an enjoyable experience that keeps on giving throughout your time with the game. Expand
  6. Feb 20, 2018
    +Big open landscape with very few impossible to reach places. Nothing is instanced.
    +Beautiful graphics on my Xbox One X. +Smoothe
    +Big open landscape with very few impossible to reach places. Nothing is instanced.
    +Beautiful graphics on my Xbox One X.
    +Smoothe horse riding. Autowalk works great. Sprinting too.
    +Fun cutscenes, and many of them too. Alot of jokes and silly scenarios makes you think: "oh yes!! another cutscene! hope it's a long one!!"
    +Realism.*Explained below*

    -A few bugs here and there, but a reload of the save will fix. Such as not being able to leave a room cuz the door have bugged and is now too much to the right/left so you can't leave.
    -Every single bush is a nuisance cuz they stop you in your tracks. There are TONS of bushes. ALOT.
    -Sometimes cutscenes dont play cuz you enter the room/cave from NOT the
    perfect angle, so you end up missing entire dialogues. But you dont know you've missed them unless you happen to have loaded your save before the cutscene and then randomly get a cutscene your second time visiting.
    -No lag, but a bit of lost frames here and there. Very minor.
    -Almost constant rain. It's a poorly made rain effect and it rains almost ALL THE TIME.

    I love open world games like the Witcher, Gothic and Risen series. Skyrim too ofc. Is this better? Or as good? No I don't think so. But its close to being AS GOOD as those games.

    Realism explained:
    If you're not an in-game leveled up fighter then YOU -the IRL person- will be put of fighting cuz fights will drag on and you will die and have to reload save quite alot of times untill you luck out completely and beat the enemy with your crap weaponry/dmg output. If you're not a thief you will think lockpicking -your actual IRL PLAYER SKILL is lacking- is super difficult and you won't get very far in the thievery world. ETC.

    I like that system alot, it's a fresh take on the immersion of your character. For instance, I like to talk alot so I usually have someone else do my fighting. Whenever possible, which is almost always. So I've been able to keep the fighting to a bare minimum. Not many games alow you this much immersion.
  7. Nov 28, 2018
    Broken game, simple as that. If I press the "unlock of target button" and the cursers unlocks on top of the target, so the autolock systemBroken game, simple as that. If I press the "unlock of target button" and the cursers unlocks on top of the target, so the autolock system makes me lock onto the target I just unlocked from, is the worst possible way the programmers could have done this. No locking system would have been preferable to a locking system that just doesn't work.
    Furthermore, when I press the "attack" button, then that action obviously should follow. I understand there is a delay based on skill and other aspects, but even at high levels I still would only have 9/10 attacks registering (attacks being pressing the button). HITTING the target is another issue entirely, one that doesn't make sense all of the time. If my sword goes through somebody, literally through the graphic, and there is zero indication that I landed a hit. When I land a hit, there is sound, recoil, something- anything, but every now and then (often enough to not be an anomaly) my attack will just go THROUGH the NPC (Note this happens most with stabbing).
    Honestly, I'd give the game a 7/10 if it weren't for the autolocking issue. It's that bad on Xbox one, but I've heard it's better on PC.
    When an enemy can recover in the midst of recoiling, and deliver a combo which kills me at full health (NOT REFERENCING THE FIRST CUMAN), then you have a broken game.
    When pressing the "unlock" doesn't do anything but make you lock on again, then you have a broken game.
    KCD isn't a good game, it isn't broken one. Saying it's good despite the brokenness of the game would be akin to saying that Jimmy Carter's presidency was good despite the utter lack of coherent thought during it.

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