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  • Summary: Mortal Shell is a deep action-RPG that tests your sanity and resilience in a shattered world. Your adversaries spare no mercy, with survival demanding superior awareness, precision, and instincts. Possess lost warriors, track down hidden sanctums of the devout, and face formidable foes.


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Mortal Shell - Tiel, The Acolyte Gameplay Trailer
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  1. Sep 4, 2020
    Mortal Shell embraces the Souls-like moniker with open arms. They welcomed comparisons, and, for the most part, delivered. What's more impressive is that a team of only 15 people created it. Mortal Shell will make you to rethink your ideas around patience and frustration. You will love this game for all the same reasons that you hate it.
  2. Aug 17, 2020
    Mortal Shell wants you to know that if you like Dark Souls, you don't always have to resort to From Software. A brutal ARPG with good ideas.
  3. Aug 26, 2020
    Mortal Shell doesn’t just replicate what other games in the genre have done before. Instead, it takes that formula, sharpens it and adds enough to make it a completely different feeling, but equally satisfying blade. Fallgrim is a world I’d be happy to struggle through again.
  4. Aug 17, 2020
    Without fundamentally upsetting the codes inherent in Souls Like, Mortal Shell knows how to adorn itself with a personality of its own, as much thanks to its system of discovery of objects as of combat, which manages to largely compensate for the absence of parry posture with mechanics of hardening, determination and counter-perfect perfectly interwoven.
  5. CD-Action
    Nov 16, 2020
    I respect the Cold Symmetry team for their courage to put their own twist on the soulslike formula. In Mortal Shell almost nothing works how you would expect it to and even if the game doesn’t always benefit from that, it feels fresh and is definitely worth checking out. [11/2020, p.36]
  6. Aug 25, 2020
    Mortal Shell sticks to the fundamentals of the Souls-like genre while adding it's own ideas to come up with a fresh yet familiar experience that is fun for hardened veterans and appropriately challenging for newcomers.
  7. Aug 17, 2020
    There’s some good to be found in Mortal Shell; its world is interesting and generally well designed, it looks lovely, and some of its boss fights really are exhilarating. But there are just so many aspects of it that will leave you frustrated, underwhelmed or disappointed. It’s a shorter, more focused Souls-like experience that demands you go toe-to-toe with your aggressors, but its combat and surrounding systems just aren’t good enough for you to feel wholly fulfilled by it all. It’ll no doubt have its fans, but Mortal Shell could have been so much better with more polish and some tweaks here and there.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 20
  2. Negative: 3 out of 20
  1. Aug 21, 2020
    El juego tiene su propia identidad y atmósfera. Las animaciones están bien.
    Tipo Dark Souls, morirás muchas veces, debes encontrar a
    El juego tiene su propia identidad y atmósfera. Las animaciones están bien.
    Tipo Dark Souls, morirás muchas veces, debes encontrar a guerreros humanos o cáscaras como los llaman para poseer.
    Hay 4 personajes a elegir y son tan diferentes, que hacen que tu forma de jugar cambie. Al igual que las mejoras también diferentes entre ellos.
  2. Aug 31, 2020
    This is a very capable souls like experience created by a very small team. Graphically and performance wise, it ran very well for me. It'sThis is a very capable souls like experience created by a very small team. Graphically and performance wise, it ran very well for me. It's been a while since the last From Software game so this was an enjoyable time.
    Although there are some aspects very heavily influenced by DS, there were also numerous original ideas such as the shell and weapon system, upgrades and the riposte/heal system which gave it enough individual flare to distinguish it from DS. Probably the best soulslike that i've played outside of the main games. Enemy variety was decent and they did a good job at world building.
    I enjoyed the difficulty scaling during the first half but did feel that it eased off quite a bit later on and for the second half, I did feel overpowered at times.
    I hope this sells well and I'd love to see them get picked up by a decent publisher to support them making a second, larger game.
    Also for the price (£25) I think it's absolutely a bargain and well worth picking up.
  3. Aug 20, 2020
    Very fun game. Runs spectacular on one x. The fluidity and the combat is very responsive. Great enemy variety and difficulty. The fact thatVery fun game. Runs spectacular on one x. The fluidity and the combat is very responsive. Great enemy variety and difficulty. The fact that this game is only 40$ makes even that more sweet. Expand
  4. Aug 20, 2020
    It’s no mystery how big of a Dark Souls fan I am. I’ve prob finished the first one over 50 times, so i was excited to see Mortal Shell finallyIt’s no mystery how big of a Dark Souls fan I am. I’ve prob finished the first one over 50 times, so i was excited to see Mortal Shell finally pop up in my email. Spoiler alert for this review’s final score from the very start, but I loved it. I feel it might be the closest we have got so far to feeling that need for a Souls 4. Don’t get me wrong I really , really enjoyed “Hellpoint” but it was something totally different overall. It was like a “Souls” meets “Dead Space” experience. Mortal Shell emulates the original a lot better. Even the menus have the same feeling. It isn’t exact though it does one major thing different. Hardening instead of using of shield play. You can turn into stone and absorb one attack. You can do this mid attack, and even in the air so it lends to some really interesting attack play. It also some times lends to a repetitive attack style as well though. You will find some people double attack, harden, attack over and over. If you don’t get your self stuck in that routine though, you will find yourself doing some really cool maneuvers.

    You play as a mysterious wraith type creature who is very weak and can only take on shot. So you must find human warriors or shells as they are called to possess. That also lends to an original mechanic where you lose all your health , and are knocked out of the body. You have to get back into it with out being hit. if you can you get a full health bar. You can do this once per life. I know this might make this sound easy, but it truly isn’t. To be honest this can feel like more of a struggle than actual Souls at first. The game can be Hell, but finding the right character and upgrades can really help. I recommend just trying everything out your first play through. As a Souls fan I like to encourage exploring, but if you feel like giving up certainly try a walk through first. It’s worth experiencing it all, and hate to see people give up on it. There are a lot of excellent vids out there, that will help you find essential items that will make it so much easier.

    The 4 characters are so different and encourage different play styles. They have different upgrades that will be so useful as well. There is a huge Knight with a giant health bar I recommend finding if you are new to Souls Like games and are struggling. He can take a lot of punishment. There is a character that doesn’t lose stamina while running, and can lose Stamina on contact instead of Health. This is one of my favorites. The first one you find Horrus is also good for beginners. He is a completely balanced build, and his upgrade focus is on hardening. All 4 are fun to use, and learn though. The only thing is upgrades are important so you might want to find which you like first instead of trying to upgrade all four. There are also four different weapons as well. You have to defeat a secondary boss using that weapon to get these.The weapons and Shells are all stored in the first tower you come to. So you can change any time you want. There are even items that will let you change characters in mid battle. Like the upgrading with Shells you might want to pick the weapon you like as well to get it fully upgraded. You can actually get one really strongly upgraded before even facing the first boss.

    These Bosses are a real struggle. You will think you got them after a tough battle just to realize they all have 2 phases, and health bars. So you have to beat them twice pretty much while they do a totally different and more aggressive attack pattern the second time. The good thing though the lady who saves and upgrades you is right at that boss battle so you don’t have to grind out the level over and over. If you have to leave to upgrade a weapon or something you also open up short cuts where you could with ease just sprint right back there. I really enjoyed the differences in the Bosses, and learning their attacks. I got my ass kicked a few times I won’t lie. Like I said it can be a challenge until you discover the weapons and shells you prefer.
  5. Aug 20, 2020
    Mortal Shell is an action role-playing video game developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. It has been compared to the SoulsMortal Shell is an action role-playing video game developed by Cold Symmetry and published by Playstack. It has been compared to the Souls series and released on 18 August 2020 Xbox One. Epic games shared Mortal Shell for free for a little time and this was one of the biggest gift they gave us this year because game has amazing mechanics and atmosphere. Mortal Shell got a lot more enjoyable once I got to where I could explore again. The moral of the story? Be sure you're fully prepared before you jump down any three-foot ledges with no visible way to get back up. The ledge will end up feeling like a mountain, and Mortal Shell has no pity on you if you go too far too quickly. Mortal Shell can be a brutally hard game, but I'm glad it draws inspiration from Sekiro by granting you a second chance of sorts. If an enemy "kills" you, you get knocked out of whatever shell you were wearing and end up in your weak shell-less form; if you can get back to your shell, though, you're instantly boosted back to full health and stamina. If you get knocked out a second time, though, it's back to the bonfire — or, ahem, Sister Genessa, an enigmatic lady brimming with unsettling commentary about the bodies you wear. Ultimately, Mortal Shell will make you want to headbutt your monitor out of sheer frustration. The puzzling nature of the map, the repetitive placement of enemies,the lack of options all coalesce into a big arm that holds the game back from being really good, to just good. No matter times I try and swat it away with thoughts of the meaty combat, that arm simply won’t budge. Expand
  6. Aug 25, 2020
    As a Soulsborne fan I try to play as many Souls-like titles as possible. Not only because I love this type of games, but also for comparisonAs a Soulsborne fan I try to play as many Souls-like titles as possible. Not only because I love this type of games, but also for comparison and to not miss the chance on a new take on the formula. In the past I have played games like Ashen, The Surge and Lords of the Fallen, and neither of those games were successful in pulling me into their world and gameplay as the originals by FromSoftware. If you play a title like this and have played games of the Soulsborne series before, you will inevitably draw comparisons.

    What intrigued me from the first minute I played Mortal Shell was the new twist on defensive systems. There is the classic dodge as well as a replacement for the typical shield block in the form of hardening your character. Hardening prevents all damage (from regular attacks as well as elemental attacks) and can be incorporated fluently into combat by being an ability that can me triggered mid-swing of your weapon and lets you finish your attack once hardening is done. However, this ability is on a cooldown. While the Dark Souls games let you take cover behind your shield almost as much as you want (depending on your stamina), the use of hardening has to be chosen wisely, because it can only be used once before being on a cooldown for a few seconds. This makes combat harder, but also more interesting.

    Aside from the harden mechanic, the use of shells - your replacement for classes or playstyles - is the other big difference from Soulsborne games. However, you cannot pick your shell right from the start of the game. You first have to find each shell and explore it in a way. This is a theme that is used throughout the game. Not only do you explore the shells or the open world, but also things like items. If you find an item you don't know what it does, until you use it. And the more often you use it, the more you learn about the item until you master it and get a little more out of it. Some might see this as an interesting encouragement to try out stuff. Others, like me, will try to eat a mushroom only to find that it is toxic and just cut off one half of your health - and health regenerating items are rare - and might get discouraged from trying new items, because they could do more damage than good. This might not be a problem for many people.

    The game runs super smooth on the Xbox One X. Although the download is only 4 GB, the textures have a relatively high resolution, the enemy models are mostly detailed (especially the bigger boss enemies) and the (post processing) effects look great and up to date. The framerate is constantly at 60 fps and so far I have not encountered any frame rate drops - but there is usually not much going on on the screen to be honest.

    I cannot give a higher score than 7/10 for some reasons. Despite making a good first impression, the game let's you know from time to time that it was done by only a handful of people and not a big budget development team. There were a few occassions that made me wonder if a little bit more money and maybe another 6 months of development time would have been good for the game. In my opinion this is most obvious when you do what you do most in this game: fight. The hitboxes of almost all weapons seem to be a bit off. All too often I found myself getting hit by an enemy attack that clearly did not hit me physically. In other games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3 you will always know if an attack will hit you or not (at least attacks from weapons). If the weapon physically hits your body, you will take damage. This is not the case in Mortal Shell. Weapon swings that visibly go past your body will often still deal damage. In the other mentioned games I could go into each encounter with full confidence, because I felt in control, I knew exactly what to do. In Mortal Shell I always have this thought in my mind that the combat does not work as expected.
    Another small problem is that sometimes movement and combat felt a bit "janky" and unpolished. There are too many instances of moments where I could not move for a reason I did not understand.

    All in all, I can recommend this game with some restrictions. For the relatively low amount of content I'd say that the current price of 30$ is fine. Although, I would recommend to wait until it drops to 20$, because you can complete the game in 10-15 hours which is rather short for this type of game. If you are full on Soulsborne fan and look for a new challenge: Go ahead and buy it right away!
  7. Aug 23, 2020
    Mais uma grande bosta que imita souls like.
    Mais uma porcaria flopada pra passar batido

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