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  • Summary: Lead a group of desperate survivors across a desolate wasteland and discover new stories in this tactical, squad-based roguelike.


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20 Minutes Of Overland Gameplay On The Switch - GDC 2019
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  1. Sep 30, 2019
    Overland is a good roguelike turn-based strategy, despite some defects and deficiencies it can satisfy those looking for a challenging and potentially endless game.
  2. Oct 25, 2019
    Fans of roguelike experiences will have a lot of fun here. There is something great about Overland on Xbox One, but if it’s taught me one thing, it’s that survival in the apocalypse is a bloody nightmare.
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  1. Sep 21, 2019
    Overland is a Turn Based Horror Survival game, set in a post apocalyptic America. Lead survivors across 3000 miles of Middle America, afterOverland is a Turn Based Horror Survival game, set in a post apocalyptic America. Lead survivors across 3000 miles of Middle America, after strange creatures have destroyed the country, possibly the world. The whole time scavenging gas and other vital materials needed for survival. Set out in your old hatchback, and make new friends, and avoid the deadly creatures that are seemingly everywhere, and endless in numbers. You will encounter scores of randomly generated characters, and steadfast, loyal dogs along your journey. The game is played by moving from area to area and exploring each section, getting whatever you can and getting out before the creatures get you. Each area is played on a 9x9 grid, with buildings, and other obstacles to navigate as you scrape up the barest of supplies. Unlike most Turn based Strategy games, clearing the area of enemies is NOT your priority, in fact attempting to do so, simply attracts more, creating a hopeless situation fast. Your every decisions has a consequence, and every item you find, could be the difference between victory, and defeat. Your victories are like M&M's each one sweet, and gratifying, but one doesn't satisfy you, keeping you driving forward towards the final move, and that next sweet bite. Overland is an incredibly well thought out, and well executed game, creating an addictive playing environment, setting you out to claim your Victory. This game will be enjoyed by those after a fun and different turn based strategy experience for years to come. (Always save the dog!) Expand