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  • Summary: The world has been taken over by synthetic lifeforms. A desperate plea for help sets Shadow, the sole survivor of his clan, on one last mission to uncover what started the path to perpetual ruin.


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Cyber Shadow PAX East 2019 Gameplay: Unleashing Dark Robot Ninjutsu
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  1. Jan 25, 2021
    Cyber Shadow is a truly wonderful game. It's brutal, uncompromising, and insanely enjoyable to a degree that I don't often see. Between its lovingly-crafted visuals, pitch-perfect gameplay, and maddeningly difficult, yet expertly-designed levels, it's a must-play for anyone who enjoys side-scrolling action games.
  2. Jan 25, 2021
    Cyber Shadow is a beautifully crafted retro action experience complete with formidable enemies and crushing precision platforming. Abilities like the bullet deflect and dash strike provides the classic ninja experience without overloading on reused mechanics. On top of that, the length and replayability options give players a healthy serving of content tosing more time into refining their skills. If you are up for a humblingly difficult but intensely fun 2D side scroller Cyber Shadow just maybe the challenge you’re looking for.
  3. Jan 25, 2021
    Cyber Shadow pays homage to classic ninja games such as Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden. It has a greatly "improved" 8 bit style, huge difficulty levels, and satisfying 2D platform and combat gameplay.
  4. Jan 25, 2021
    Anyone with a penchant for old-school 2D action, razor-sharp platforming, and cyberninjas in general will adore Cyber Shadow.
  5. Jan 25, 2021
    Cyber Shadow's excellent gameplay, level design, variety, and music make it a great modernization of the classic Ninja Gaiden formula.
  6. Jan 25, 2021
    There's a lot I like about Cyber Shadow. Its soundtrack is amazing, its environments are impressively designed, and its story steadily pulled me along. What holds it back, to some extent, is that it feels like it's made for people who've already played a hundred games just like it. Cyber Shadow is a product made for fans of an incredibly specific sort of gaming experience, and effectively no one else.
  7. Jan 25, 2021
    Though it can get more than a bit challenging at times, I’d heartily recommend this to any fan of the classics. Even if you don’t appreciate NES games of yore, this is still a tremendous adventure full of mystery and danger. Kudos to Mechanical Head Games on developing Cyber Shadow, and many thanks to Yacht Club for helping it reach its full potential.