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  • Summary: In Ynglet you jump between bubbles that float in the sky like you're a space dolphin, as you melt into a highly reactive and dynamic soundtrack created by Ynglet's custom (and needlessly complicated) music software!
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  1. Jun 20, 2021
    Ynglet is a small gem, a pure work of art made by an inspired Nifflas.
  2. Edge Magazine
    Jul 17, 2021
    Beyond its meticulously refined controls and the delightful tactility of it all (every action is accompanied by an algorithmic electronic score, and sudden, thrilling flourishes of colour), these diegetic checkpoints are Ynglet's real stroke of design genius. [Issue#361, p.123]
  3. Aug 1, 2021
    It’s a triumphant study in how to explore and exhaust the creative possibilities within a set of tightly defined creative parameters.
  4. Jun 7, 2022
    A colourful world, an emergent soundtrack and tight controls make Ynglet one of the most memorable indie games I’ve played in some time. On occasion, the level design could be a little confusing, but it was never enough to ruin my experience. From start to finish, Ynglet is an exhilarating adventure based in a stunning world.
  5. Jul 30, 2021
    It’s a shame for something so beautiful and pure to leave me so emotionally cold, but it’s a tight, wholly unique platformer nonetheless. At five dollars, it’s an easy game to recommend… just a difficult game to truly love.
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  1. And let's face it, at little more than a fiver, there's simply no excuse not to give Ynglet a go. It's 90 minutes of pure, unbridled joy (more, if you attempt the bonus levels), and it's unlike anything else I've ever played. It's a bold, fun riot of colour and sound, and I only wish there was more of it. [RPS Bestest Bests]
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  1. Jun 17, 2021
    I’m a huge fan of short games that are polished and have a ton of love and attention to detail put into them; this is one of those!! The musicI’m a huge fan of short games that are polished and have a ton of love and attention to detail put into them; this is one of those!! The music reacts very dynamically to your gameplay, the visuals are very dense (like there’s a lot going on!) but never get in the way of gameplay.

    The end result is about as enthralling as you’d expect, while still packing a solid ‘platforming’ challenge for those looking for it.

    I’m going to keep coming back for all of Nifflas and Triple Topping’s games