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  • Summary: Mark Kozelek goes acoustic with just his guitar on his fourth album under the name Sun Kil Moon.
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  1. But tempos that gait like a swinging pocket watch and Kozelek's drowsy, double-tracked voice make a strong case for a spellbinding kind of sublimity. This uncanny effect is even more pronounced on Admiral Fell Promises.
  2. His Bob Dylan-esque voice combined with the hauntingly beautiful arrangement of the classical guitar throughout Admiral Fell Promises is hypnotic, trapping listeners in a melancholy spell of wonder.
  3. 80
    Sitting down and listening to a full length album all the way through without outside interference is nearly impossible, let alone desirable. However, the solitary atmosphere and minimal elements of Admiral Fell Promises make it designed for just such a commitment.
  4. Judged as an expansion on Kozelek's craft, Admiral Fell Promises is a slight effort; it offers intimate perspective, sure, but the object of observation remains the same.
  5. Ultimately, an interesting album within its constraints rather than a hands-down triumph, but there were a lot of constraints.
  6. 60
    The big shift on his beautifully recorded, intermittently moving fourth album under the Sun Kil Moon moniker is that only his nylon-string guitar plucking now accompanies his wounded croon.
  7. His songs, like old friends, fill roles and shift out of your consciousness and perhaps that is truly the issue with his career work; that it is too human.

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