Bleeding Through

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  • Summary: The metal band from Orange County, California releases its first album on the Rise Records label.
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  1. Alternative Press
    It comes was a welcome surprise that their sixth full-length contains the most visceral, overtly hostile and sinister music of their career. [May 2010, p.102]
  2. This full length contains all of Bleeding Through’s hardcore malice only now it’s encased with a perfected, extremity-heavy formula.
  3. By evolving their formula without losing sight of the elements that it’s founded upon, they have delivered their most satisfyingly ferocious set to date.
  4. Lean, deafening, and effective in its brutality, Bleeding Through may not have brought anything new to the table, but at least it brought everything else.
  5. While the new elements of the band’s sound make this an interesting record, it’s not as strong in its execution as "Declaration." The negative changes detract more from the album than the positive changes add to it.
  6. Bleeding Through's self-titled album is yet another Bleeding Through release that tries to skirt by on the bare minimum. For every good idea presented, there are three more trite and tired ideas weighted to it, dragging it down into the abyss.
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