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  • Summary: The latest album for the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter was produced with Chris Bruce.
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  1. The album as a whole is bracingly unpredictable and persistently enjoyable; it’s an art-soul record for those who like to be challenged while they’re tapping their toes. Or vice versa.
  2. It would seem that on this album, Ndegeocello is less concerned with how emotion strikes a person (be it love, pain, or sex), but how people relate to that emotion. And in the process she creates the tightest, most emotionally potent work she’s produced since Bitter.
  3. She remains musically mercurial and virtually unclassifiable, even if she is at her most accessible on Devil's Halo.
  4. Q Magazine
    For all the fraughness there are unpredictable but always apposite moments of beauty. [Jun 2010, p.128]
  5. Though not as sprawlingly ambitious or experimental as the 2007 "The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams," Meshell Ndegeocello's eighth release, "Devil's Halo," neatly straddles a line between challenging and accessible, with some of the tightest and catchiest compositions she's yet brought forth.
  6. Uncut
    Her best album for many years illustrates her uniqueness. [Jun 2010, p.97]
  7. Mojo
    Lyrically her songs are as politically charged as ever, musically they're laboured experiments in style. [June 2010, p. 94]
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