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  • Summary: The German musician releases his latest album of experimental electronic piano music.
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  1. Mojo
    The sounds that Volker Bertelmann creates with(in) a piano is astonishing. [Oct 2008, p.112]
  2. Ferndorf's appeal is closest to the work of Bertelmann's FatCat labelmate Max Richter: Richter and Hauschka both have a remarkable talent for honing in on the sweet spot where classical, avant-garde, electronic and pop music meet.
  3. Ultimately, Ferndorf is an achingly beautiful love letter to Bertelmann’s childhood, full of natural imagery and deceptively simple compositions unleashing floodgates of emotion.
  4. It takes the music of Hauschka perhaps into more populist directions, but the experiment and joy still survive.
  5. Despite the album peaking early, though, there's more than enough evidence here to suggest that Hauschka, thrillingly, is just getting into his stride.
  6. Ferndorf gains little from its back story but loses nothing without it; to a greater degree than most records of its ilk, it is resolutely what it is.
  7. Q Magazine
    Too aimless for the initiated, the likes of 'Barfuss Durch Gras,' a cacophony of clocks unwinding will have dinner party dilettantes spitting their soup. [Oct 2008, p.142]

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