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  • Summary: The sixth CD from the New Orleans funk/jazz outfit includes guests Lyrics Born, The Coup's Boots Riley, Digable Planets' Ladybug Mecca, Juvenile, Jurassic 5's Chali 2na, Mr. Lif, and Gift of Gab from Blackalicious.
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  1. When the guests fall back on what's always worked well enough, Galactic seems to take that as a challenge, and takes enough risks to make it sound a little fresher.
  2. 86
    This digitized voodoo funk makes the Meters look like the goddamned glee club, and y’all know the Neville Brothers ain’t never gotten Juvenile and Chali 2na to collaborate on the same record.
  3. Vibe
    Suddenly with these [guest MCs] additions, a sound that felt dusty and dilapidated is now exuberant. [Sep 2007, p.137]
  4. Alternative Press
    There are gems and duds, but overall this is a fine and successful experiment that'll kick-start any social gathering. [Oct 2007, p.172]
  5. Spin
    Galactic complement these inspired contributions [from guest rappers] with chunky wah-wah guitars, chugging rhythms, and beats so tightly action-packed that they could be the soundtrack to a sleek Hollywoood crime frolic. [Sep 2007, p.129]
  6. Urb
    What begins brillantly gets dismal to the point where it lacks the eclectic Cajun spice, a taste definitely required to stew up a truly heady gumbo. [Sep 2007, p.128]
  7. Q Magazine
    Too much of the rest--an urgent Mr. Lif aside--is seriously lacking in flavour. [Apr 2008, p.112]

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  1. ZukuhariY.
    Sep 28, 2007
    Very good. I like funk, not so big on rap guests, but still good cd.