Further - Chemical Brothers
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  • Summary: With its seventh studio album, the British dance duo continues to break down conventionality in electronic music, employing acid synths, break-beat rhythms, and genre-bending production that made it pioneers of the dance-music revolution.
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  1. Rowlands and Simons have a tighter grip on the material-an odd thing to say about an album with eight tracks built to sprawl, maybe, but Further really does flow from beginning to end, just the way its makers intended it to.
  2. As the title promises, it's not so much a departure as a significant advancement of a career-long mission. [July 2010, p. 130]
  3. On Further, The Chemical Brothers show no signs of fatigue, and the absence of any star names matters not a jot. It's better to continuously explode than fade away, or something.
  4. So despite some standouts--thw more energetic and melodic "Dissolve" and "Swoon"--the Brothers' latest, trippiest trip is best taken as a whole. [Jul 2010, p.123]
  5. There's no risk here, but there's plenty that's right.
  6. Further manages to be both pretty and hard-grooving.
  7. Further is by definition not the most embarrassing music of their career--merely the most boring.

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