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  1. Aug 1, 2014
    Blood (Empty Promises) (8.5) This song has good heavy rock elements in it. The chorus is great but the beginning sounds a little off. The song really picks up later though and Papa Roach really starts to rock out. Overall, great song.

    Not Listening (9) This song is really great and the catchy chorus hook with the heavy guitar is really awesome. Even though the lyrics repeat a little
    bit, this would be a really great song to mosh to or trash your room with or something like that if you're an angry teenager or something.

    Start Looking Start Seeing (9) This song has great use of heavy instrumentals and good vocals as well. The screamo part is really great as well. Papa Roach always has had a great mainstream rock sound that is very melodic. Saying all this, the instrumentals are what make this song stand out to me.

    Take Me (9) This song has a great message and gives the listener (well me at least) a great vibe, especially when the chorus kicks in. While I haven't listened to this album in quite some time, up to this point, it is very consistent.

    Getting Away With Murder (9.25) One of my favorite mainstream Papa Roach songs of all time. I really like listening to the instrumental on YouTube as well. The aggressive lyrics in the chorus really make this stand out as one of my favorite hard rock songs of all time. The heavy guitar element in the middle of the song is really great as well, along with how the tone of the song kind of changes to more screamo.

    Be Free (8) I really don't like drinking and I don't like drunks but it's whatever. The tone of the album kind of changes on this song and even though I like the tone, I don't like it as much as the songs in the beginning of the album. But the chorus has a good little catchy tune. The guitar is good as usual.

    Done With You (8) This song has a little bit of an emo topic to it and that's fine. It just talks about negative stuff alot and that's not a good way to think. The guitar solo near the middle of the song really lets me keep the score at a solid 8 and I'm glad because I remember listening to Papa Roach's Infest album alot when I growing up. It also continues to talk about elements of alcoholism and I despise alcohol.

    Scars (8.5) This was the second single off this record I believe (after Getting Away With Murder), and while it has a okay tune, I really don't connect with it. At this point, I really don't want to hear about alcohol anymore but I understand that Papa Roach is the artist and I would assume that maybe they have had struggled with alcohol in their life.

    Sometimes (9) This song really starts to hit hard after the acoustic portion in the beginning. It's also great how Papa Roach changes the tempo and the sound throughout the song. The melodic instrumentals/lyrics and the guitar solo for the matter really helped me keep this score high.

    Blanket Of Fear (8.5) I love how this track starts heavy and stays heavy. It's a catchy tune throughout the track and the interesting guitar elements within the piece, really add a great flair to the song and really shows Papa Roach's artistic ability.

    Tyranny Of Normality (8.5) I really connect with the title of this song. An average life for any young person in this day and age is depressing. I really don't understand people who can actually wake up, go to work, come home, and go out to eat and have their friends over for the weekends and call that fun. Einstein's whole spiel of insanity really started hitting home with me as I got older.

    Do Or Die (8) This track has a great message to wrap up the album I think. The lyrics kind of repeat but that is common in punkish rock even though this really isn't really punk rock. It's more like heavy rock but not quite heavy metal.

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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
  1. The new songs are thrashing hard rock that always pays attention to melody.
  2. With Getting Away With Murder, Papa Roach offer fans of this sound an appropriately hard punch in the face. But there's a hollow sound as the bones collapse, because all that's supporting it is expensive art direction and a big scaffold of clichés.
  3. It seems Shaddix still writes most of his songs in purple ink in diaries with little locks on. [28 Aug 2004, p.56]