God Loves Ugly

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  1. Aug 10, 2012
    Great album. Lyrically, this seems to be when Slug was at his peak. The production value of the instrumentals has improved steadily with each Atmosphere album, but the depth of lyrical content seems to have just continued to wane away post G.L.U. I feel like this was an album Slug was making because he loved rhyming and lyrical depth. He was willing to get abstract, he was willing to diveGreat album. Lyrically, this seems to be when Slug was at his peak. The production value of the instrumentals has improved steadily with each Atmosphere album, but the depth of lyrical content seems to have just continued to wane away post G.L.U. I feel like this was an album Slug was making because he loved rhyming and lyrical depth. He was willing to get abstract, he was willing to dive deep into metaphors, etc, while the next albums seemed to be aimed more at relating to the masses and dumbing things down to be understand by more casual listeners. So, if you like Atmosphere but haven't heard his earlier albums, don't miss out on them, they are the best Slug has to offer. Expand
  2. Dec 20, 2013
    I like atmosphere, but I find the hooks corny beyond belief. Slugs flow is not up to par with his lyrics, and some of these tracks are just kind of forgettable.
  3. NikiM
    Apr 8, 2003
    love for the underground(kind of). Angry white boys; always hot.
  4. AshleyC
    Jun 5, 2003
    Best Yet!
  5. EricH
    Sep 1, 2004
    The best hip hop album I've heard... EVER!
  6. SaraN
    Sep 2, 2005
    this album is hella good man! go atmosphere!!
  7. [Anonymous]
    Oct 10, 2002
    This album kicks ass
  8. MelkerC.
    Oct 13, 2002
    Music is art or products. Atmosphere is art, you cant review art.
  9. GabrielleH.
    Oct 2, 2002
    I think that this album is great and I love it, it showa that he is a real person and I like that he's not just performing, he's expressing how he feels through his music.
  10. AlishaA
    Dec 5, 2002
    This album is the shit! I love the lyrical rythm in his songs.I would have to say my fav song is guns and ciggeretes.
  11. P*Killa*
    Oct 30, 2002
    this shits awesome. ya gatta feel it
  12. JuleneL.
    Oct 8, 2002
    this is a great cd. very open and you can tell slug opened up.
  13. LoriH.
    Aug 19, 2002
    Atmopshere is still as good as ever.. I can't get enough of his mind blowing tracks. I can't wait to go to the "God Loves Ugly" tour in Dallas!
  14. alek
    Sep 13, 2002
    RS is fucking retarded, 4 albums? 6/10? BS I doubt they even listened to the lyrics more than once, if even that. Slug is insane. In a good way.
  15. CollinF.
    Sep 20, 2002
    Maybe not Atmosphere's best album, but it beats the shit out of everyone else.
  16. JamesA
    Oct 2, 2003
    Anyone who dosent love this album, dosent understand it. Allthough I like overcast more, Ugly is still a masterpiece.
  17. DavidB
    Feb 10, 2003
    Some of the best rhymes i have heard. slug is true talent. you can feel his emotions through his music.
  18. Leah
    Feb 11, 2003
    This cd Rox!!
  19. AdamP
    Mar 16, 2003
    First off, i give this album a 9 only because "Overcast!" was so much better. Not saying slug's falling off, just that I know Atmosphere has mad potential to really bring us something better each time...
  20. NicoleM
    Mar 20, 2003
    This album is the best. My favorite songs on it are hair and modern man's hustle!
  21. MatthewC
    Mar 4, 2003
    Top notch quality music.
  22. GaryColeman
    Apr 14, 2003
    this albums ill....mad props to sluggo and the rhymesayers crew.....go out and get slug's ish if you havent already......mad skillz as a lyrical philosopher......
  23. TysonB
    Apr 23, 2003
    This CD is one of the best underground Albums out. living Legends is the best group
  24. BrasilianRapperHipHopper
    May 18, 2003
    damn good cd,its a tight cd for the verses and the beats...Fucking hot even here on brasil
  25. HagopK
    Jun 3, 2003
    Best Underground rapper next to living legends
  26. ChrisF
    Aug 20, 2003
    I think atmosphere is great. This is his best record, and i think more people shoul listen to his music,
  27. DestineyB
    Aug 30, 2003
    Fucking rocks
  28. JoshB
    Sep 18, 2003
    every song on this album seems to explain, in detail, what's happening in my life right now. it's fucking uncanny i tell you. great album.
  29. sarahh
    Sep 24, 2003
    these guys put on a great stage show!!!
  30. E-ONE
    Jan 14, 2004
    id give this shit more but it only goes to 10...id give it a 20 on the rictor
  31. HumboldtChick
    Oct 5, 2004
    I only started listening to Atmosphere about 6 months ago, and now he is my favorite. The mix of Slugs voice and the amazing lyrics create a music materpiece. I will never love anyone's music as much as i love ATMOSPHERE'S!!!! PS.- Atmosphere if you happen to read this come play a show in Humboldt County sometime. They would love you up down here!!
  32. GeorgeB
    May 27, 2004
    Atmosphere......Atmosphere is the best hip/hop group i have heard so far in my life...their music has been the dopest stuff you'll ever hear..their music stays fresh for a long time
  33. Tlomoney
    Jun 13, 2004
    Man a dope friend turned me on to atmosphere ya hear me and i cant stop listening to it. Most rappers need to talk about bitch's and bling bling but the come with a message and thats tight to me. peace out g's pimps up hoes down. lata
  34. ValerieG
    Feb 23, 2005
    He expressed himself in this Album with out giving a F*** it shows how girls can be just as shady...
  35. calis
    Sep 11, 2005
    this album is the shit, and the only thing better is them in concert
  36. RyanR
    Nov 1, 2002
    The media sucks they dont know good hip-hop
  37. TYLAW
    Oct 17, 2002
    sick ass shit right here...beats are dope, and slug is off the wall
  38. VictorJ.
    Oct 18, 2002
    Slug is definetly in the "top two" as far as mcees, just saw him live two weeks ago and was stunned!! Him and Psc should do some more tracks together
  39. JohnR.
    Oct 23, 2002
    atmosphere is the best,love them..the fact they grew up by me makes it even better
  40. flavorflav
    Oct 23, 2002
    Slug is like an enlightened Dharma Bum, everything he says is true. He sees the world for what it is and expresses that like a true poet, not some bitch slappin thug. It takes balls. The only comment another rapper can make is that he is white.
  41. JohnnyF.
    Oct 24, 2002
    On this album, Slug lives up to the talk that he is the best underground emcee. The evolution of his talent is evident in this underground "instant classic".
  42. LeviS.
    Oct 3, 2002
    slug is fuckin awsome, i don't think any other lyricist even come close
  43. FarronE
    Oct 30, 2002
    this is a motherfucking rad album! mad props to slug and ant! Modern man's hustle is the song that eveyone i kno cant get enough of...peace
  44. AmandaS.
    Aug 29, 2002
    God Loves Ugly is fuckin sweet. It's one of thoes albums you just flow with any time of the day. When I'm down it brings me up because its like I can feel the emotions within Slug as he spits his badass poetry!!
  45. BrodyP.
    Sep 3, 2002
    not for those unable to handle real hip hop, this cd is a work of genious by a master of the verse not stuck in the boundries where most are caught spitting all he feels under the microphones curse
  46. SeijiP
    Oct 30, 2003
    Slug and Ant are the best dou to live....
  47. Leilani
    Mar 24, 2003
    This CD is great. I love Atmosphere, and he's the best hip-hop artist out there so far. His vocabulary is great, and knows how to make good music. His music isn't even repetitive, and every song shows and haves a little story to everything.
  48. chrisk
    Jul 26, 2003
    it has a sweet sound that I can play over and over
  49. KBT23
    Jul 31, 2003
    a all around quality EP. Ants production is just complimented by Slugs delivery and the lyrics are profound in my opinion
  50. DanR
    Jul 9, 2003
    the best album of the century. he breaks down every morale of each song peice by peice. the best emcee out there.
  51. 123456
    Aug 12, 2003
    slug eyedea and sage own the underground
  52. Alberto
    Aug 28, 2003
    Sick of the blingbling bullshit, go see atmosphere live, went to warp tour not knowing he was there and they put on a sick show
  53. lyricalmonster
    Sep 22, 2003
    sick beats, tight lyrics. What more can you ask for?
  54. kbones
    Sep 6, 2003
    atmosphere brings hip hop to a more cereberal level
  55. AlanB
    Mar 31, 2004
    One of the best hip hop albums I've ever heard. Powerful lyrics, great hooks, these guys deliver. Without a doubt, their best album.
  56. samuelg
    Apr 12, 2004
    atmosphere, i didnt really like them at first because i dared to understand their philisophical lyrics now they are 1 of the best artists to me and i think he is better to listen to than some mainstream i hope they get where they want to and keep comin up with some tight shit!!!!!
  57. JBlaze
    Apr 23, 2004
    I could not believe my ears! These guys deliver a new sound by speaking their mind. Their new album is even better than their first so check it out!
  58. eyeknowone
    Jun 19, 2004
    Atmosphere, greatest hip-hop group ever...god loves ugly is sick, get it.....also while your at it get Overcast, their 1st and best album
  59. ysss
    Jun 3, 2004
  60. coreys
    May 13, 2005
    ive always been a fan of slug, i went to a concert in rhode island and loved it. even my friends that dont listen to hip hop or underground ion general like atmos.
  61. dustinj
    Jul 11, 2005
    dope shit, analyzing and then being able to relate to all the metaphors slug uses can occupy u for a while
  62. molliec
    Jul 4, 2005
    i love this cd, i mostly only listen to rock... but atmosphere is really really talented, very fun to skate to and mostly its just very nice to chill out to, anywhere..... i love them so much
  63. cuttysark
    Aug 30, 2005
    lyrical genious
  64. BenG
    Jan 9, 2006
    God Loves Ugly is atmospheres greatest album yet and is one of my favorite cds of all time.
  65. meginm
    Nov 18, 2002
    this cd is the sick as fuck and slug is a hottie!
  66. EfrainM.
    Oct 14, 2002
    Slugs best underground cd out yet....
  67. ian
    Oct 22, 2002
    this shit rocks
  68. LisaS.
    Oct 29, 2002
    I love Atmosphere's latest CD "God Loves Ugly". It's one of those Cds that you can't pick a favorite song, because they are all great. I think Atmosphere will makr it "Big". More ass kissing....
  69. ShaqS.
    Aug 16, 2002
    holy shit this album is fucking great, i love, this shit is awesome!!!!
  70. MattF.
    Sep 16, 2002
    Atmoshpehere spits mad feelings into this cd, along with the help of slug. Together i believe they are unstoppable. I get to see them the 26th of sept. :)
  71. CartyS.
    Sep 16, 2002
    Atmosphere is not rap its pure talent and poetry it is soo easy to get lost in there music and i hope mtv and radio doesnt start playing there music out no offense to them cause money issues but to me Atmosphere isnt about money its about passion funk seduction ....... cartystyle
  72. Gavin
    Jan 16, 2003
    Slug puts forth hypnotic beats with deep meaning behind them. The songs ive heard from Slug are inspirational and creative as hell. I feel able to relate to most of what he speaks of.
  73. timp
    Dec 29, 2003
    this album is good
  74. JennySw
    Feb 19, 2003
    There is no doubt that Slug will blow up. He is a genius-funny serious-nasty- Keep up the emo rap. gotta love him! every thing i've heard, i love and i'll keep passing it on.
  75. kevinw
    Mar 26, 2003
    nice dude, not a fan of rap, but this is a great cd
  76. DarisS
    Apr 22, 2003
    wonderfully mixed, philisophical, anthems of the underground.
  77. branden
    Jun 12, 2003
    never heard the album. i do have a single on vinyl and i give THAT, a ten.
  78. SteveD
    Jul 17, 2003
    Friggin dope....we need more of this today. (I thought underground hiphop was dead)
  79. KevinC
    Jul 22, 2003
    One of the best albums i have ever purchased. One of the best rappers in the world, but no one will ever be able to match Del
  80. JasonA
    Jul 23, 2003
    To all of the above critics who didn't give this album at least an 80, you should try to get in touch with some sort of reality. This album lays down pure rap music in a way that cannot be copied. Slug writes lyrics that you all wish you were smart enough to come up with yourself. Perhaps jelousy figures into your low scores.
  81. Lisa
    Aug 23, 2003
    Take this album and put it in your boat, go to the lake, crank it, and wakeboard. Life couldn't get any better.
  82. JonG.
    Jan 15, 2004
    I have never heard this album, but until Seven's Travels comes up on this site I have to say right here that Atmosphere has an amazing sound and "Trying to Find a Balance" was the first song that ever really spoke to me and said what I wanted to say. If i were to ask one question to these guys it would be, "How did you know"?
  83. PatrickC
    Mar 15, 2004
    definitely one of the greatest albums of all time!!!! slug is amazing
  84. moiram
    Mar 29, 2004
    damn i love atmosphere, they deserve any fuckin credit they get
  85. Kyle
    May 31, 2004
    Atmosphere is THE best out there. I feel like I want them to blow up to mainstream and let everyone enjoy...but want them to stay underground and keep them to myself.
  86. MarkL
    Aug 11, 2004
    For someone who is not a lover of rap or hip hop this is one of the most inovative cds i have ever listened to. It is more than a surfice cd. Slug raps about stuff other than guns and have sex with "bitches", its nothing like main-stream rap of thies days.
  87. jaredp
    Mar 11, 2005
    this album is tight ass shit nigga
  88. AMo
    Mar 23, 2005
    This album is insane. Most of my friends listen to nothing but rock, and they as well as myself are hooked on it. It takes raw beats and lays down innovative lyrics that you don't get out of mainstream.
  89. ysss
    Mar 25, 2005
  90. AmberB
    Oct 27, 2006
    for sure like the best album ever like they rock my socks right off i love atmoshphere with a fucking passion
  91. Apr 8, 2012
    The bass and the movement will always be one of my favorite Atmosphere songs. And God Loves Ugly will always be my favorite Atmosphere album. Headshots: Se7en is an insanely close second place for me.
  92. Dec 23, 2012
    Great lyricism and it's original Hip Hop. Only second to Overcast!, it still gives a nice Minneapolis vibe when you rep the same town. The beats are nice and they will get your head bobbin', especially "God Loves Ugly"

Generally favorable reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 9
  2. Negative: 0 out of 9
  1. Entertainment Weekly
    A record that gamely tries to get with mainstream hip-hop concerns. [Listen 2 This supplement, Aug 2002, p.14]
  2. In a hip-hop landscape littered with studio gangsters, pimps on wax, and thugs in need of hugs, Slug proves yet again on God Loves Ugly that the bravest move a rapper can make is simply to be himself.
  3. It's as close to emo as hip-hop gets.