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  • Summary: The daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. releases her second solo album.

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Maybe I give up too easy Maybe I don't fight enough Maybe my heart is afraid of falling in love Maybe I'm too scared to find out What it feels like... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. The granddaughter of Hank (and daughter of Hank Jr.) earns her second chance with a series of unabashedly personal testimonials that reject pop modernity (and bypass Dad's rabble-rousing) in favor of classic lyrical grace.
  2. Holly Williams, the daughter of Hank Williams Jr. and granddaughter of Hank Williams, follows her own musical path to deliver one of the best singer/songwriter albums to come out of Nashville in the last year.
  3. Forget about long shadows--Williams steps out into the light on Here with Me and proves she doesn't need to use the family name as a crutch.
  4. On her second album, Here With Me, the 28-year-old singer and songwriter extends the tradition of honest self-revelation she put forth convincingly in her excellent 2004 debut "The Ones We Never Knew," and this time she more openly explores the country music genes that are part of her estimable DNA.
  5. Ms. Williams contributes most to the family tradition, though, when she shuts it out, staking out quiet, warm, insightful territory for herself.
  6. 70
    She might be Hank’s granddaughter, but Holly Williams doesn’t let the lovesick blues get her down on this twangy-yet-smooth sophomore effort.
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