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  • Summary: The rapper, also part of Mobb Deep, returns with a continuation to his debut solo album, "H.N.I.C.," after last year's "Return of the Mac."
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  1. 80
    Mobb Deep's Prodigy has embraced the chaos, pain and disarray that's cursed much of his life and used to power an angry, pained, and ironically vital album, H.N.I.C. Part 2. Prodigy's physical self may be incarcerated, but his music has never sounded freer. [Apr 2008]
  2. 80
    H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 is a real downer, but it's also completely gripping. [Apr 2008, p.102]
  3. The fans that know and love P or Havoc will immediately identify with H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 and will enjoy listening to it, for sure.
  4. H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 makes for a much more complete and visceral portrait of an incarcerated man than the most precise and technically sound record could possibly manage.
  5. Hardcore fans will be down with every cold hard minute, everybody else gets a B+ effort, and the hip-hop game as a whole gets a really good reason to save Prodigy's place at the table for the next three-and-a-half years.
  6. Unless he goes all Malcolm X on us behind the walls, this solid release will be just a prelude to whatever morbid thoughts Prodigy has to share upon his release.
  7. The Mobb Deep don sounds beyond frayed, barely restraining his byzantine gangster paranoia while scratching out his own self-convinced logic evoking both grief and menace.

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