In A Town Called Addis

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  • Summary: Trans-Global Underground's Nick Page gathered a group of Ethiopian musicians to record this album that mixes African and dub reggae music.
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  1. Blending in traditional strings and flutes, singular soulful vocals, trenchant dub pockets, and inventive production flourishes, this is the most powerful contemporary release out of Ethiopia in years.
  2. From the gently stomping reggae of Ophir Dub to the widescreen soundscape of Yeka Sub City Rockers, it's an exhilarating fusion.
  3. Strongly recommended to all adventurous dub fans.
  4. It's an intriguing, somewhat surprising collection of tunes. Oftentimes dub projects can be anchored in a recurrent groove, but Page has created a group of tracks that are quite distinctive.
  5. British producer and Transglobal Underground vet Nick Page, aka Dub Colossus, got the ball bouncing with A Town Called Addis, an intriguing conflation of reggae and dub sensibilities with Ethiopian pop. It's an ingenious idea made more interesting by its roundabout mode of composition.
  6. In A Town Called Addis, Page and his collaborators have made an album that keeps you looking forward to what’s ahead, wondering what new sounds and ideas the next track has to offer.
  7. Q Magazine
    Occassionally the set suffers from too much studio polish and not enough grit. [Jan 2009, p.116]
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