In The Zone - Britney Spears
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  • Summary: The Pepsi spokesperson's fourth LP includes guest vocals from Madonna (on lead single "Me Against The Music") and production work from Moby, R. Kelly, the Matrix, and Guy Sigsworth (but no Max Martin).
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
  1. She finally delivers an album that's more fun than filler.
  2. Unlike previous Britney albums, In the Zone has no filler and no shoddy cover versions, just 57 varieties of blue-chip hit-factory pop.
  3. 70
    This I'm-coming-out record is an unhesitant move from songs of the heart to songs of the groin. [Dec 2003, p.130]
  4. 67
    A hectic sonic pileup. [Dec 2003, p.130]
  5. Despite inventive touches like zigzagging strings and humping-android hooks, too many tracks... are little more than wobbly, rhythm-based contraptions intended to advance Spears' sex-princess-on-the-loose image.
  6. While the kiddie trance and dirrty hip-hop are as blatant a bid for credibility as young Brit's moans upon discovering the joys of all-night raving and her own hand, the pop princess of old keeps peeking through the steamed-up windows, and ultimately saves the disc from disaster.
  7. Quite the most lifeless and unloved record to be released by an artist of Spears' global stature.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 36 out of 152
  1. nicholass
    Aug 9, 2005
    The Best Album of all time. With every album that she dose it just gets better and better, this album is aimed more at an older generation however it has songs that will make every person on the earth tap their feet to, Toxic britney 6 number one in the uk was by far the best song of 2004 and the video was noumber one in MTV Top 100 videos of 2004, Me Against the Music was britney's chance to sing along side the worlds other queen of pop Madonna, The song reached noumber 2 the uk single chart, i will just say noy that every song that britney has done since the Album Britney has reached 7 or more in the uk singles chart. Everytime was the most talk about video ever made by an artist this was because of the nature of the video , people saw britney in a bath going under with blood on her hands after a disagement with boyfriend, the song Also reached nomber 1 in the uk chart, So to end This A must have album for any pop dance fan a song for all can be found on this album *******************not enough stars to rate this album. Expand
  2. marial
    Oct 25, 2006
    amazing album
  3. May 24, 2011
    Sexy, soothing and inspired. The first album Britney delivered that was a great pop album. It sounded current and modern.. It still does - 8 years later. Expand
  4. Sep 10, 2011
    She turned sexy for this. In a good way. She wrote 8 of the 12 standard edition tracks, like "Brave New Girl" - in my opinion the best track on it. The only bad thing about "In the Zone" is the vocals that sometimes get lazy, like in "Breathe on Me" and "Early Mornin'". Should've been more powerful IMHO. Expand
  5. decc
    Mar 7, 2006
    Good stuff definetly a step up from the teenage pop and some of the stuff ws even more r&b but this album does not show up the vocal ability we all know she has!! Expand
  6. IdratherN
    Nov 22, 2003
    I've never been a huge BRITNEY FAN FREAK, and I never buy an artists album JUST BECAUSE they're the biggest selling, or most popular. I have been one to hear a spears song and put it on repeat because it's a decent catchy listen. Then a month passes, and it's deserved old news. I will admit that this CD does have a few tracks that are bearable. However, over all, this latest release from the POP QUEEN is quite disapointing---however VERY predictable. I wasn't expecting a powerful, deep, respectable album from this GIRL who is obviously trying too prove what?...I don't know. I would be disapointed if someone like Christina Aguilera managed to produce something like this album. That's because SHE HAS TALENT, and I have EXPECTATIONS because of her vocal ability, and heart that she's known to put in her songs. But for the less gifted Miss Spears, I just download to see what her GIMIC and IMAGE and MARKETING TEAM has thrown together this time. And I see that they're trying to direct her path in this overly sexual musical pop scene so that she comes in first place in the race for "I'm a big girl now" between the 'blonde princess' that is still occuring to this day. When it comes to the actual content of the album, it's as meaningless and artifical as Britney herself. The talk of "shopping sprees", "passed out AGAIN", "getting a little messy", "can't be like that anymore", "shaking my ass" , "hooking up at the hotel", seems to be clearing up all the rumors very well. Letting everyone know that it's TRUE britney is just an immature wanna be grown up who ENJOYS and ENDULGES in the fast, messy, sexually paced life of a "star". I've heard statements that people from her home town, in Kentwood Louisiana are quite ashamed with britney's latest behavious, especially her former pastor. And it is shown that they very well should be. The entire SONG itself "Early Mornin'" let's us all know what a loose human being she is...but the jamacian rap in the end shows that she's let go of her southern roots and decided to do things that "you don't wanna know" with whom every she wants. And the kiss with Madonna alone (not to mention her disgusting girl on girl acts while showcasing her new album live) once again enforces the fact that she's let go of her faith and wholesome upbringing in the south. But hey, that's the kind of stuff the media just EATS of course, these nauseating duties will be done by brit with PLEASURE I'm sure. Lastly, I'll speak specifically on the technical side of the album. Aside from the press, the rumors, the IMAGE, and everything else that surrounds the promotion of this latest still remains a fact that Britney has LIMITED vocal ability, and got a lucky break with her pretty face and high energy to please. Truth is, she can't sing. She can moan, she can giggle, she can breath heavily, she can talk in a seductive manner, but SINGING inself she sees as not so much a nessesity, but an option for this album. Once again, this is a tool to promote her "sex drive" and hide the fact that she got singed in the first place for marketing and money making purposes rather than a strong voice. Songs like "Touch of my Hand", "Early Mornin'", "Showdown", "Toxic", and "Breath on Me" are MUSICALLY well done, but with Britney's weak and thin vocals, the songs just become annoying. I'm SURE that this album will sell millions, and fans will scream at the top of their lung with praise for this Girl. But in the end when we all look back at this FIGURE, this PRODUCT, this THING we all call "Britney Spears", it will all boil down to fluff. Nothing honest, nothing mature, no depth, no reason, no soul. Just something we will scratch our heads at and think , "where is this world headed when a girl like britney is what every young female wants to emulate?" Expand
  7. JohnnyB
    Nov 17, 2003
    Oh my goodness, this album is pure crap. It's as if Ms. Spears keeps getting worse and worse. She needs to step it up I mean she's filthy rich, take some vocal lessons or learn to play an instrument. Please do something cause this same shit is getting old. Expand

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