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  1. 70
    This is a record that delights in the contrast of the group's no-frills rock past and its radio-friendly, mid-tempo future.
  2. The Stereophonics are trying to say something, expressing something more than the exuberant rock songs with which they made their name. Only time will tell whether their fans will lap up an album almost entirely starved of the big guitar sounds and sweeping choruses they've grown accustomed to.
  3. Some of his most writerly songs to date.
  4. The clean-cut Stereophonics are the Black Crowes you could take home to your mom, only with stronger songs and without the high school histrionics.
  5. With the exception of the swaggering "Vegas Two Times," Just Enough may not pack the same wallop as Cocktails, but tunes like "Lying In The Sun" and the soaring "Watch Them Fly Sundays" instantly stand out as some of the band's best to date.
  6. 80
    Rarely has any modern band made The Difficult Third Album sound so breezy... [May 2001, p.96]
  7. Mind you, Kelly Jones' voice is an acquired taste. If you warm to it, however, you'll then enjoy a wealth of simple country-tinged pop songs.
  8. Songwriting low on insight, high on moaning.
  9. Considerably tamer than their stadium-rocking, chart-topping previous albums, Just Enough Education to Perform sounds less like a band voluntarily growing into their new-found maturity, and more like a pet's first, forced visit to the castration clinic.
  10. The problems are compounded by the sheer awfulness of some of Jones’ lyrics.... What often redeems them is the music. On that front, Stereophonics have undoubtedly progressed...
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  1. SusanB
    Sep 14, 2005
    Good, but still the weakest of all the Stereophonics albums. When its good its very good (Vegas Two Times, Rooftop, Lying In The Sun) but a couple of poor tracks bring it down (Have A Nice Day, Everyday I Think Of Money). To get a true feel for this band, listen to Word Gets Around and Language Sex Violence Other instead Full Review »
  2. NavannaD.
    Dec 18, 2001
  3. JoeH.
    Sep 17, 2001
    not as good as p and c but better than westlife!!!! Oh yeh im welsh as well!!!