Love And Its Opposite

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  • Summary: The Everything But The Girl singer's third solo album was produced by Ewan Pearson.

Top Track

Why Does The Wind?
Don't waste my time now Don't call me baby when you don't know if you love me If you're coming or going And don't leave the back door open And look... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. Everything but the Girl fans might miss the duo's dancey leanings, but Thorn proves that her voice is enough to transcend genre preferences.
  2. It feels utterly natural, a continuation of the emotional navigations she's spent her career documenting with characteristic insight and sensitivity.
  3. Some tracks may dip into generic mid-tempo dancefloor fodder, such as Why Does The Wind, but overall this is up there with some of Thorn's best work since Everything But The Girl.
  4. Thorn's voice, rich and smooth as the most expensive chocolate truffle, brings each story to genuine life and invests it with heart-snagging emotion.
  5. Even when the tempo goes up (on a song called “Hormones,” naturally), Love is cocktail-hour ready, but that helps Thorn’s realism go down like a highball.
  6. Love and Its Opposite is often a careful-sounding album and while that synopsis may not quicken the heart, it gives Thorn’s work an air of professionalism and care.
  7. Taken individually, each of Love and Its Opposite’s songs is impressive and affecting. Strung together as an album, though, their sulky nature becomes oppressive.

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