Old Ramon - Red House Painters
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  • Summary: Stuck in label limbo since 1997, 'Old Ramon' finally sees the light of day, thanks to Sub Pop records. It is the first official RHP release since 1996's 'Songs For A Blue Guitar,' although frontman Mark Kozelek released the solo album 'What's Next to the Moon' and appeared in the film "Almost Famous" in the interim. Expand
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  1. Kozelek's unique arrangements and breathtaking melodies set him far above his contemporaries. [#154, p.93]
  2. 90
    Old Ramon is sinuous and unhurried, a beautiful downer of a folk rock record that has the lithe and shadowy promise of the ocean.
  3. 90
    With the release of Old Ramon, Kozelek shows he's capable of sustained inspiration.... It's Kozelek's most successful LP: consistent, heartbreakingly sad and filled with gems that will linger in his fans' psyches. [#49, p.85]
  4. Wade through a couple of outtake-sounding openers that consist mainly of mechanical strumming on an acoustic 12-string and Kozelek's duo-toned vocals and you'll be rewarded with some of the his most fully realized songs to date.
  5. Many slower outfits-- Low, American Music Club, Codeine, et al.-- are sometimes pinned with the theory that if you've heard one of their albums, you've heard them all. Such is no longer the case with the Red House Painters.
  6. It would have been a shame if this album went unheard, as it is the most fully realized Painters album to date and finds the band, as well as Kozelek's songwriting, in peak form.
  7. 'Old Ramon' is a slight affair cut from similar cloth to '...Blue Guitar', fuzzy with distortion, hampered by less than inspirational songwriting.

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