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Summary: Paul and Linda McCartney's 1971 album composed at their farm in Scotland is re-released as a four CD/DVD set that includes the original mono recording, the original 12-track album, 1977's Thrillington (an instrumental cover of Ram by Paul under the pseudonym of Percy "Thrills" Thrillington), and a bonus disc of b-sides and unreleased mixes.
Record Label: Hear Music
Credit: Producer, Primary Artist, Group Member, Group Member, Producer, Group Member, Group Member,
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Track Listings

1-01 Too Many People 3-05 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
1-02 Three Legs 3-06 Smile Away
1-03 Ram On 3-07 Heart of the Country
1-04 Dear Boy 3-08 Monkberry Moon Delight
1-05 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey 3-09 Eat At Home
1-06 Smile Away 3-10 Long Haired Lady
1-07 Heart of the Country 3-11 Ram On
1-08 Monkberry Moon Delight 3-12 The Back Seat of My Car
1-09 Eat at Home 4-01 Too Many People
1-10 Long Haired Lady 4-02 3 Legs
1-11 Ram On 4-03 Ram On
1-12 The Back Seat of My Car 4-04 Dear Boy
2-01 Another Day 4-05 Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
2-02 Oh Woman, Oh Why 4-06 Smile Away
2-03 Little Woman Love 4-07 Heart of the Country
2-04 A Love for You [John Kelly Mix] 4-08 Monkberry Moon Delight
2-05 Hey Diddle [Dixon Van Winkle Mix] 4-09 Eat At Home
2-06 Great Cock and Seagull Race [Dixon Van Winkle Mix] 4-10 Long Haired Lady
2-07 Rode All Night 4-11 The Back Seat of My Car
2-08 Sunshine Sometime [Earliest Mix] 5-01 Ramming: Smile Away/Ram On/Too Many People/the Back Seat of My Car/Eat At Home/Lond Haired Lady/Monkberry Moon Delight/Heart of the Country/Dear Boy
3-01 Too Many People 5-02 Heart of the Country
3-02 3 Legs 5-03 3 Legs
3-03 Ram On 5-04 Hey Diddle
3-04 Dear Boy 5-05 Eat At Home Tour: Eat At Home