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Summary: The five-disc set contains expanded remastered versions of I Just Can't Stop It, Wha'ppen?, and Special Beat Service as well as a disc of the Peel Sessions, remixes, dubs, live tracks from a 1982 Boston concet, and expanded versions of singles by the 2-Tone ska-punk pop band, The Beat (known as The English Beat in North America).
Record Label: Shout! Factory
Genre(s): Pop/Rock
Credit: Primary Artist Producer Group Member Group Member Group Member Group Member Group Member Producer
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Track Listings

1-01 Mirror In the Bathroom 3-11 End of the Party
1-02 Hands Off...She's Mine 3-12 Ackee 1 2 3
1-03 Two Swords 3-13 What's Your Best Thing
1-04 Twist & Crawl 3-14 March of the Swivel Heads
1-05 Tears of a Clown 3-15 Cool Entertainer
1-06 Rough Rider 3-16 A Go Talk [Tappy Luppy Dub]
1-07 Click Click 4-01 Hands Off...She's Mine [Extended]
1-08 Ranking Full Stop 4-02 Twist & Crawl [Extended]
1-09 Big Shot 4-03 Stand Down Margaret [Dub]
1-10 Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret 4-04 Too Nice To Talk To [Dubweiser]
1-11 Noise In This World 4-05 Psychedelic Rockers [Dubweiser]
1-12 Can't Get Used To Losing You 4-06 Doors of Your Heart [Extended]
1-13 Best Friend 4-07 Drowning [Dub]
1-14 Jackpot 4-08 Hit It [Extended]
2-01 Too Nice To Talk 4-09 Which Side of the Bed? [Extended]
2-02 Doors of Your Heart 4-10 Save It For Later [Extended]
2-03 All Out To Get You 4-11 What's Your Best Thing [Dub]
2-04 Monkey Murders 4-12 Cool Entertainer [Extended]
2-05 I Am Your Flag 4-13 Jeanette [Extended]
2-06 French Toast (Soleil Trop Chaud) 4-14 March of the Swivel Heads [Extended]
2-07 Drowning 4-15 I Confess [Dave Allen Remix]
2-08 Dream House in NZ 5-01 Tears of a Clown [Peel Sessions]
2-09 Walk Away 5-02 Ranking Full Stop [Peel Sessions]
2-10 Over and Over 5-03 Click Click [Peel Sessions]
2-11 Cheated 5-04 Mirror In the Bathroom [Peel Sessions]
2-12 Get-a-Job 5-05 Big Shot [Peel Sessions]
2-13 The Limits We Set 5-06 Too Nice To Talk To [Peel Sessions]
2-14 Psychedelic Rockers 5-07 Psychedelic Rockers [Peel Sessions]
2-15 Hit It 5-08 Monkey Murders [Peel Sessions]
2-16 Which Side of the Bed? 5-09 Walk Away [Peel Sessions]
3-01 I Confess 5-10 Spar Wid Me [Peel Sessions]
3-02 Jeanette 5-11 End of the Party [Peel Sessions]
3-03 Sorry 5-12 She's Going [Peel Sessions]
3-04 Sole Salvation 5-13 Save It For Later [Peel Sessions]
3-05 Spar Wid Me 5-14 Sole Salvation [Peel Sessions]
3-06 Rotating Head 5-15 Pato and Roger a Go Talk [Peel Sessions]
3-07 Save It For Later 5-16 Best Friend [Peel Sessions]
3-08 She's Going 5-17 Tears of a Clown [Peel Sessions]
3-09 Pato and Roger a Go Talk 5-18 Twist & Crawl [Peel Sessions]
3-10 Sugar & Stress 5-19 Get-a-Job/Stand Down Margaret [Peel Sessions]