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  • Summary: The Canadian rock band's 10th album was released on the 20th anniversary of its first show.

Top Track

Well are you ready For this to take a hold of you The contradiction Of what you're putting me through It drives me crazy But then that's nothing... See the rest of the song lyrics
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  1. May 17, 2011
    The Double Cross is just an unapologetic celebration of Sloandom, and a safe place for those who believe good dual-guitar breaks--like the ones on the stomping "Unkind"--are the reason why we're here on Earth.
  2. May 17, 2011
    As great as all these songs are individually, they sound best together, and hearing them in relation to one another reveals things about them that are harder to catch when they're separated.
  3. Mojo
    Aug 26, 2011
    Canadian power-poppers celebrate hyper-melodic 20th birthday. [Sept. 2011, p. 94]
  4. 70
    The Double Cross captures the band at their best, with well-written, catchy, and smiley songs that still hold a lot of depth to them, but seem tailor made for summer listening with the top down.
  5. May 17, 2011
    Sloan are craftsman who weld their good taste into charming miniatures, and if The Double Cross retains a hint of familiarity--not due to the source material but rather the workmanship--the group's level of skill assures that this is as comfortably satisfying as its predecessors.
  6. May 24, 2011
    It reaffirms the band as is, is a portrait of four musicians celebrating their existence rather than the question of self.
  7. Under The Radar
    May 27, 2011
    For Sloan, it amounts to another fine effort. [May 2011, p.88]

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