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Summary: The second full-length studio release for the Michael Gira project includes the 32-minute title track and guest appearances by Akron/Family), Karen O, Alan Sparhawk, and Mimi Parker of Low
Record Label: Young God Records
Genre(s): Post-Rock, Experimental Rock, Noise-Rock
Credit: Group Member Producer Group Member Group Member Group Member Group Member Group Member Primary Artist
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Track Listings

1-01 Lunacy 1-07 The Daughter Brings the Water
1-02 Mother of the World 2-01 Song For a Warrior
1-03 The Wolf 2-02 Avatar
1-04 The Seer 2-03 A Piece of the Sky
1-05 The Seer Returns 2-04 The Apostate
1-06 93 Ave. B Blues