Totems Flare

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  • Summary: The British electronic artist, now based in Berlin, releases his fifth album.
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  1. Totems Flare is his best album to date, sparkling with man made brilliance but sounding natural and organic at the same time.
  2. We’ve been shown angry Clark, blinded by passion and vigor, and we’ve seen drowsy, reverb-soaked Clark, but never before have the two parts struggled with one another in such a fascinating, rewarding way.
  3. Q Magazine
    An album that spins and lurches with impressive dexterity. [Aug 2009, p.104]
  4. It flows. Because it's not as insanely cut as your typical IDM, it works as subtle, non-distracting background music, but it's still detailed enough to make for some enthralling headphone candy as well.
  5. Even in the misfires, what links this album to the others is extremely high quality production and Clark’s professed perfectionistic streak, which, from the building blocks to the finishing touches, gives his music a scarily accomplished look.
  6. Totems functions as a decent well for drawing singles but, as an album, lacks the connective tissue to make it stand out within Clark’s impressive catalog.
  7. Totems Flare regains a measure of hospitality from its predecessor, but it brings only one new idea to the table-- Clark's singing, which is only partially effective.

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