Universal Truths And Cycles

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  • Summary: The Ohio band fronted by Robert Pollard offers up a 19-track set that is not just a return to former home Matador Records but a full return to classic, self-produced GBV form, after working with outside producers on the previous two albums.
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  1. GBV have made a record that should please any fan still listening.
  2. Universal Truths and Cycles has got something for everyone who's ever liked Guided By Voices even a little.
  3. 80
    Fans might finally have a proper companion to the arena-in-my-closet-rock of '95's Alien Lanes.
  4. While it doesn't recapture the magic of the Sprout-era Guided by Voices records, Universal Truths and Cycles marks the return of some of the most sorely missed qualities of early Guided by Voices: strong vocal melodies and refreshingly atypical song structures.
  5. Alternative Press
    The band have gelled into Pollard's best yet, and it's their brief forays into prog-rock complexity that make the record stand out within the GBV catalog. [Jul 2002, p.82]
  6. GBV are self-produced once again and simultaneously looser and sharper as a result.
  7. Universal Truths and Cycles shows the band has lost touch with the most important thing outside producers brought to their TVT albums -- someone to help pick, choose, and sequence Robert Pollard's over-abundance of songs.

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