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  • Summary: The Liverpool band's debut disc was, like similar-sounding recent discs by The Coral, produced by Ian Broudie. It was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize.
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  1. Fuse[s] the best parts of '60s rock and '90s rock without sounding dated (see Oasis) or contrived (paging Franz Ferdinand). [Jan 2005, p.113]
  2. 83
    They find a woolly warmth and loopy generosity few English art-rockers have stumbled upon since the first Beta Band record. [Dec 2004, p.124]
  3. Blithe blues boogies for the tumbleweeds set. [22 Oct 2004, p.95]
  4. Inevitably, how they treat their dominant influences is what separates the Zutons from the Coral. While the Coral have yet to truly define their sound, The Zutons can bounce from funk, to zoot-suit swing (“Dirty Dancehall”) to alt-country (“Remember Me”) and yet have that tangible, original quality to their music that makes for an impressively cohesive debut album.
  5. It's a fine debut that hints at a finer future - and for their determined attempts to twist something new out of retro influences, we salute them.
  6. They’re waay better than The Coral, exhibiting none of the tedious, skunk-smoke wackiness that characterises their labelmates.
  7. While it's easy to break Who Killed the Zutons? down into a series of emulations, you still end up wishing it wasn't all so plastic and more... well, lifelike.

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