XTRMNTR - Primal Scream

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  1. The album is not the flawless statement against complacency the band seemed to strive for, but it succeeds at tearing heads off, shooting fascists, and quickly asking questions later with unbelievable fury. For these reasons alone, it easily serves as one of the band's highest marks.
  2. Think of Exterminator as a Baskin-Robbins shop that makes 31 flavors of amphetamine sulfate instead of ice cream: each flavor's totally wired and totally tasty. [Record of the Week pick]
  3. It's an album of textural terror, a musical abrasive applied to the slick multinational machinery, via hard beats and sonic density, angry politix and dance-floor decline.
  4. 100
    Throughout the album, Primal Scream set a furious pace that only narrowly stops itself before the last note is spat out. In the preceding 65 minutes, what you get is as monumental a sonic statement of the times as 'Screamadelica' was over ten years ago, the first great album of the millennium and probably the best record of the year.
  5. The most exciting album in years....as punishing and urgent as any music you've ever heard.
  6. 100
    Think of a universe far, far away, where Ministry, Raw Power-era Iggy Pop, Public Enemy, and Meat Beat Manifesto get together for a pissed-off, hyped-up jam. That's what XTRMNTR sounds like, and it's a downright amazing disc.
  7. The angriest, least compromised, most utterly justified pop record in years ?
  8. Primal Scream have always understood the power of a groove and a lyrical grenade. Their entire career reaches a melting point on the raw, caustic Exterminator.... The album has its shortcomings. "Keep Your Faith" and "Insect Royalty" dip a bit too much into the more sentimental song-based style of the last record, Vanishing Point, and "Swastika Eyes" needs no reprise. But the fighting spirit keeps Primal Scream ahead of the pack.
  9. 100
    The music sounds lean and direct, focused but exceedingly angry, like the band received a collective kick in the ass from some higher power.... The first masterpiece of the new millennium... [#26, p.46]
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  1. May 6, 2011
    Having not heard screamadelica, I was unsure what to expect. Not only was I blown away but now I have a new found respect for acid house artists. I used to think the genre was pointless and had no future but now I get it Full Review »
  2. j30
    Sep 28, 2011
    This album gets better each time I listen to it. If you like Thievery Corporation or any other Trip-Hop, or just instrumental groups. I recommend this album. Full Review »
  3. May 25, 2011
    A truly phenomenal album. Unquestionably their best and a fine send off for the Creation label. This record blew away all the chaff that was left at the end of the nineties. This is as far removed from easy listening as is humanly possible! Stand out tracks are too numerous to mention but the baselines in the title track and Shoot Speed Kill Light show Mani at his best. An honestly incredible piece of work. Full Review »