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  • Summary: Children of Morta is a narrative-based roguelike hack’n slash game for PC, Mac and Linux which will involve you in the adventures of a family.
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Children of Morta - PSX 2017: Gameplay Trailer
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  1. Oct 22, 2019
    Children of Morta on Xbox One is a traditional roguelike hack and slash RPG situated in a rich fantasy setting that feels alive thanks to an endearing cast of characters in the Bergson family.
  2. Sep 7, 2019
    Taking its inspirations both from Diablo and rogue-lite games, Children of Morta has a nice story to tell, and shows a pretty face with its stunning pixel art visuals.
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  1. Oct 16, 2019
    Children of Morta is an isometric top-down action-adventure roguelike game. When a dark evil comes to Mount Morta The Bergson family, a familyChildren of Morta is an isometric top-down action-adventure roguelike game. When a dark evil comes to Mount Morta The Bergson family, a family of adventuring protectors sets out to protect their world as their ancestors have for generations. You start the game out as John and learn the ways of the family as you discover the evil encroaching on your family's land, and the world you call home. You are soon introduced to Joh's eldest daughter Linda, who follows you for a short while until you can return home. As you play more members of the Bergson family become available to play, allowing you to experience each of their unique fighting styles and abilities. Children of Morta paints an elaborate tale as you fail and retry, and fail again. Keeping your characters' advancements after death, each character has their own skill tree, and some skills focus on the entire family, not just the individual. Inside the home, Grandma Margaret, and Uncle Ben offer global upgrades to the entire family, helping add that extra edge to your adventures. With two-player shared/split-screen local play you can team up two of the family members and watch each other back! The game is a roguelike, and you will die quite a bit, but each death offers an opportunity for advancement. With procedurally generated stages, the levels are never the same, offering nearly endless replay value. Children of Morta is an insanely fun and addictive game, offering up smooth pixel art graphics and a deep intricate story. Expand