A Brief History Of Love

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  • Summary: The British duo's debut full-length album was mixed by Rich Costey.
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  1. It has been a long wait for a British album like this, the kind that transcends age group appeal and inspires cool kids to form bands and geeky kids to lose themselves in music's history.
  2. Q Magazine
    What it lacks in orginality, it makes up for in sky-filling exhilaration. [Oct 2009, p.107]
  3. It’s this ability that makes The Big Pink so special for, beneath the dissonance, the artful posturing and the pop hooks is something far more enduring: these guys have got a soul and they’re not afraid to bare it.
  4. This makes for a solid and sporadically impressive debut that next time could maybe stand to step out of the studio and let the raw force of their music stand on its own.
  5. For an outfit who've been heralded as the industry's great white hopes of 2009, The Big Pink undoubtedly have several moments of pure genius here, but ultimately, A Brief History Of Love lacks the consistency to elevate it from the status of a good debut album to that of a great one.
  6. Their debut is built from old Chapterhouse records.
  7. A real carnival of a mess, completely inconsistent, sometimes really horrifying, and, more often than not, entertaining.

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