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  • Artist(s): Joe Preston, Dylan Carlson, Dave Harwell
  • Summary: The first official release for the drone metal band was recorded in 1990 and features Kurt Cobain as a guest vocalist.
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  • Record Label: Southern Lord Records
  • Genre(s): Grunge, Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Post-Rock, Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Noise-Rock, Instrumental Rock
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  1. Dec 15, 2010
    A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction is yet more proof that Earth were, and indeed still are, vitally different to so much of what's come before them, after them and even surrounded them.
  2. Dec 15, 2010
    If it's been years since you've listened to these songs, as it had been for me when this reissue arrived, you might believe you're hearing them for the first time. And if you've never heard Earth this early, get ready to change your conceptions: The fountainheads of drone metal have been surprisingly versatile from the start.
  3. Kerrang!
    Dec 14, 2010
    This quality archive release is a timely reminder of the strange beauty and hypnotic potency of mainman Dylan Carlson's vision.[13 Nov 2010, p.51]
  4. 80
    One of the most interesting and rewarding things about hearing the tracks as they appear on this release, is knowing that they are presented here in their earliest incarnations, Earth's chrysalis stage, if you will.
  5. Dec 15, 2010
    Heard as a whole, this set doesn't sound nostalgic but revelatory, for the simple fact that its slow, deliberately restrained brutality is not only engaging, but hypnotic, doom-laden, serpentine, even beautiful.
  6. Q Magazine
    Dec 23, 2010
    Drone metal linchpin, with guest Kurt Cobain. [Jan. 2011, p. 150]
  7. Uncut
    Jan 24, 2011
    In places it's impressively monolithic. [Feb 2011, p.82]

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