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  • Summary: The fourth LP (and the first on Matador) from the experimental San Francisco outfit is a concept album about plastic surgery, utilizing samples from actual surgical procedures in its seven electronic/techno tracks. A track from this LP was included in the Whitney Museum's Bitstreams Exhibit in Spring 2001. Expand
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  1. To the duo's credit, Matmos avoids making A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure grisly or gross; Andrew Daniel and Martin Schmidt approach the album's concept with their usual playfulness and an appropriately clinical detachment, resulting in some clever and surprisingly diverse songs
  2. A Chance to Cut Is a Chance to Cure is many things: inevitable, insane and their finest album.
  3. A splendid piece of work; compelling even when shorn of its conceptual and procedural backdrop, and infinitely more invigorating when considered as one with its making. [#205, p.58]
  4. Most [tracks] work quite well with the multifaceted rhythms and constantly evolving beats that make each of the tracks here a true expression of creativity.
  5. 80
    Some artists stimulate your brain, others tickle your senses. Matmos does both. [#50, p.101]
  6. 70
    An eminently listenable collage of jittery grooves, lop-sided beats and wayward electronica.
  7. Though its methods reek of gimmickry, and are not as interesting as similar but more musical travelers like Plaid, Autechre, or Mouse On Mars, Matmos does construct a daring two-cans-and-a-string party album.

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