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  • Summary: The latest album for the singer features Brandy, Bun B, Missy Elliott, and Timberland as guests.
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  1. There are some songs with giddy-up, especially the big bounce of 'Get Involved,' featuring Timbaland and Missy Elliott. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the disc, but who cares when it’s this great a ride with a cool Timba groove and Elliott’s sly, quick verse?
  2. Ginuwine’s new material uses a more generic palette of sounds from R&B slow jams and gospel. There’s more song to them, more piano-ballad chords and swirling Isley Brothers guitars, and more mediocrity.
  3. It's a decent set of modern R&B, dominated by seductive slow jams, that stimulates a little more often than it fades into the background.
  4. It's not as if he overdoes the sexism or sounds like a total lame, although his voice does crack slightly.
  5. With only a few exceptions, the material here doesn't live up to his performances, making the music easier to admire than to enjoy.
  6. It’s a serviceable album, but for an artist like Ginuwine, who created three near perfect albums, this is a cynical attempt to stay relevant.
  7. Poor man’s Usher wallows in hip-hop cliches.

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