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  • Summary: The album by Weezer's frontman features home demos from 1992 to 2007.
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  1. Alone will stand as an idiosyncratic gem in his catalog, showcasing him at his eccentric best.
  2. Alone is quirky, but also an intriguing glimpse into one artist's creative process.
  3. If nothing else, Alone reminds us that a lot of those over-ambitious, silly-on-paper ideas often blossomed in Cuomo's hands, and there was more to Weezer in their early days than just crisp power-pop and cute videos.
  4. While Alone is a big ol’ mishmash of varying quality, it is, for the time being, the closest any of us will get to Cuomo’s former songwriting charm.
  5. 60
    Many emotions clearly still linger, but as a songwriter, he seems to lack the desire that he once had to simply be sincere. [Feb 2008, p.95]
  6. For a collection of lo-fi home demos, Rivers Cuomo's Alone, in its better moments, sure does sound at times like a return to form.
  7. The sum of its charms--and there are a few--add up to something for only the most devoted in the Cuomo cult.

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