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  1. What pushes these songs past mere worship involves cunning collisions of robust rhythm, caressing noise, and heavenly melody, with each element equally crucial. Good shoegaze/dream-pop bands mastered one of them; the most exceptional of the heap, like this group, had all three down.
  2. When SSVIIB play to their strengths--most of the time--the songs are so smooth that you lower your expectations for any strong hooks, as you would when listening to ambient, only to discover that you’re caught up in a glorious anthem,making this a kind of secret dance-music you didn’t know you were swaying to.
  3. Spacey, ambient, and vaguely tribal, Alpinisms creates a landscape to get lost in. Despite their differing musical backgrounds, the band has a cohesive sound.
  4. Throughout Alpinisms, the group finds a perfect middle ground between the indie realms of tribal and choral, layering electronic flourishes without letting them overwhelm the arrangements.
  5. 90
    In Alpinisms, School of Seven Bells have themselves one of the year’s most intoxicating debuts.
  6. This is a lesson in tender restraint you won't want to miss.
  7. Alpinisms is an undoubtedly singular album, setting the bar quite high for this burgeoning trio.
  8. The effect is warm goth--New Order with more eros.
  9. 70
    Alpinisms' sweeping, ethereal pop owes a stylistic debt to My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins, but the debut album by former Secret Machines guitarist Ben Curtis' new project reveals a range of influences and a sophisticated approach to arrangement that sets the trio well apart from less imaginative latter-day shoegazers.
  10. Alpinisms is a futuristic manifesto.
  11. School of Seven Bells, is a far more meditative and electronic affair dominated by former On!Air!Library! entrancers Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, who sing in mesmerizing siren-song unison, even if they sound like a grade-A hookah-bar act at times.
  12. Alpinisms could have used a few more of those moments, when the sounds overtake each other and induce a sense of blissful surrender.
  13. While impeccably arranged and charmingly sung, much of the album blurs together into a haze of boilerplate ambience with exotic titles.
  14. Under The Radar
    Alpinism is not a perfect record by any means, but it is a confident step in the right direction. [Year End 2008]
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  1. Oct 2, 2011
    School of Seven Bellsâ
  2. seanm.
    Feb 5, 2009
    An indie psychdelic trip that does'nt leave you cold. Nods to Valentines and Cocteaus all mushed up with hypnotic rythms that make you An indie psychdelic trip that does'nt leave you cold. Nods to Valentines and Cocteaus all mushed up with hypnotic rythms that make you sway with a smile. A real grower with minimum filler. Impresive and highly recommended. Full Review »
  3. ScottT
    Nov 11, 2008
    Great album!!!