Amanda Leigh - Mandy Moore

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  1. Amanda Leigh is much more fun, with twisty-turny melodies ('Merrimack River'); jazzy, Broadway-influenced arrangements ('Pocket Philosopher'); and one track that sounds--improbably enough--like Fragile-era Yes ('Song About Home').
  2. Everything about Amanda Leigh is just a shade too precise--the production too transparent, the singing too on the nose, the mood too subdued--to achieve the homespun quality Moore so cherishes, but a large part of Mandy's appeal is her good taste and her clean way with a song, something that is readily apparent and often winning on Amanda Leigh.
  3. Listeners are advised to ignore the authenticity issues and focus on Moore's catchy tunes and warm voice on Amanda Leigh.
  4. Moore's sincerity and her pleasant vocals bring a great deal of charm to the project as well, and that goes a long way toward overcoming production that is perhaps a bit too slick to recall the homespun appeal of her favorite records.
  5. Power-pop guru Mike Viola, of the Candy Butchers, is the album's producer and main co-writer, and the collection (recorded at Ducky Carlisle's Ice Station Zebra in Medford) is filled with his sweet, skewed melodies and smart, infectious choruses.
  6. Mandy Moore faces the same challenge any other singer-songwriter does: delivering songs that are consistently compelling. She does a decent job of it on Amanda Leigh.
  7. Every subsequent song on Amanda Leigh, no matter the tempo or mood, offers a similar mishmash of pop sheen and anodyne country rock, with little to suggest a distinct artistic vision.
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  1. Oct 14, 2011
    It is an incredible album... I love it... she really showed that she can do any types of music from pop to alternative... she is really growing to the better... :) Full Review »
  2. Nov 8, 2010
    WOW!!!!! After Mandy's transformation from a pop artist to an alternative artist Mandy really hit the nail on this one. She showed that she is growing up and leaving her past behind! Full Review »
  3. MattD.
    Jun 2, 2009
    Wish you wouldn't have dropped the CD 5 points over the Onion AV Club review - their reviews are not very good. This CD is cohesive, not overly similar. It'a a great modern take on classic rock. Full Review »